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    • When dreads are more than just a hairstyle, and these are White middleclass kids who smoke a lot of "spliffs" of "ganja", listen to a lot of Reggae, reference concepts like "Jah" and "Babylon" and work as baristas, etc. while their parents pay their tuition, rent etc.., around here we sometimes lovingly refer to those kids as "Waspafarians" or "Trustafarians".

    • There is a real injury, in this case even an economic one, for black
      people, to which this insult is being added: he can do it 'just for fun'
      but they can't do it for practicality, simplicity, or self-expression
      without losing employment or opportunities.

      Fair enough, but isn't the more important problem the arbitrary discrimination people face, not that others can do the same thing just for fun? The discrimination precedes the appropriation. The appropriators aren't causing the discrimination, but mostly are just being ridiculous.

    • Can you define "harmful"? In what way, specifically, is some guy Jamaica harmed by a celebrity sporting dreds? Does it effect his ability to make a living? Has anyone polled Jamaicans to ask them if they've been harmed or this outrage limited to a small segment of rich Americans who've never met a Jamaican?

    • Dirty and matted is mankind's original hairstyle. I imagine a bunch of Jamaicans sitting around saying, "you mean to tell me those guys can afford shampoo and combs but actually choose to look like that?"

    • Seems to me that humans have borrowed from other cultures probably since the Homo Sapiens, Neanderthals, Denisovans and whatever other hominids were around then discovered each other and started sharing living spaces. I understand the part about taking something meaningful, historic or sacred to a culture and using it in a mocking or frivolous way (Indian Headdresses for Halloween, native american team mascots, etc). But adopting other cultures food, style of dress or hair and incorporating it into your own seems to be very different. I see no disrespect or harm in something like that. The dreds, to me, fall into that category.