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    • Welcome to our CST 147 Cake Community! Throughout this semester we will be using the CST 147 Cake Panel as a forum to share ideas and information. We will start things off by introducing ourselves and I will go first :)

      I am Nicole Ryan, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Delta College. I began teaching at Delta in 2011. CST 147 is a very creative, high energy class and it is one of my favorite courses to teach! I also teach several web development courses, Intro to Programming and Computer Competencies. Outside of my life at Delta, I spend a lot of time skating, biking, walking or doing anything outdoors (weather permitting, I do live in Michigan.. ).

      I have 4 children and 3 grand children that are the light of my life. During the Spring and Summer I often travel with family to Grand Marais in the Upper Peninsula. Grand Marais is my favorite place in the world. The photo below is from a trip to Grand Marais last year with my grandsons and my dog Cooper.


    • I’m Brandon Secord. I have a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and now am almost finished with my 3rd year for my bachelor’s in accounting. Currently I’m a server at Lucky’s Steakhouse.

    • Hello CST 147!  My name is McKenna Schwab.  I am very excited to be a part of this class, as it is something I am very passionate about.  First, I would like to tell you a little about myself.

      I currently go to Reese High School.  I will be graduating this month as my class’s valedictorian.  Over the past four years, I have been involved with numerous clubs including National Honor Society, Student Council, and Out-of-Doors Club.  I have been dual enrolling for about a year and will have my freshman year of college completed by this fall. After this, I will be attending Delta full time to study business administration (focusing on marketing) through the Northwood 3+1 program.    

      I live just outside of Frankenmuth with my parents and younger brother (who are pictured with me below).  When I’m not busy babysitting or working, I enjoy creative activities such as painting, photography, and scrapbooking.  Baking is also one of my favorite hobbies. Additionally, I love to swim and spend time with my family, friends, and two cats.   


    • Hello all! My name is Miranda Woodruff. I am currently pursuing my marketing degree through the 3+1 program with Northwood University. I am a wife and fur mother of 3. I own an online womens clothing boutique called Bellawoods. I am a Social Media Influencer/Content Creator for The Maven Life page and I work with brands in the beauty/lifestyle niche. I freelance social media management for a local medical spa as well. In my spare time I enjoy leading the Michigan Entrepreneur Collective group which I founded at the beginning of this year. Its a wonderful way to network. I also enjoy sporting events with my husband who is an Athletic Director for a local high school. We spend a lot of our free time volunteering at school events. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can in this class. I havent taken too many online courses so I'm curious to see how I will enjoy this setup.

      Hoping for a successful semester for all of us!

    • Hi. My name is Lane Whitman. Entrepreneur of the company Whitman's, with the rest of my family. I am really looking forward for this class. I'm going for two degrees, one for Business Marketing, the other for Computer Web Design. The ultimate goal is to make to make the business grow and to create a better more widely known online presence. Our company is now just starting to have a up to date web site and Facebook. I want to learn all I can and put it to use to make our company one of the few companies in our industry to have a huge online presence in all areas with great customer service.

      Our business is a dog, horse, and cat grooming based. We do have a state of the art grooming salon, but that is not the focus we have. The company is actually a manufacturer, distributor, and service center for the tools the groomers need. All of the clippers, blades, scissors, and dryers we repair. We are distributor for 300 different companies, many with special territory based regions. We also manufacture a few products that help the groomers but also make the jobs easier, faster, and safer for the dogs.

      Hope this class will help me have a better understanding of the online mobile presence and boost our company further. To also eventually create many different sites and uses for every part of the business that we have.

    • Hi, my name is Meredith Wise. I currently live in Chesaning Michigan. I grew up in Saint Charles and went to Saint Charles High School. I was very involved with our high school band playing trumpet. This is my second year at Delta College pursuing my degree in accounting. I am planning on going to Northwood my 4th year with their 3+1 program.

      When I am not working on school work or working for a credit union as a teller. I am
      enjoying my life on a farm with my boyfriend and our 5 cats and 4 new baby kittens. We just grow crops, no animals or anything for now. We enjoy going on vacations and finding new things to do on our adventures together.

      I wish everyone good luck on this semester. I can't wait to learn new things and be inspired to do great things.

    • Hi, my name is Liz Irish. This is a photo of my best friend Katie and I. We went to Valley Lutheran High School together and have been inseparable since our freshman year! After this semester I will have completed my first year at Delta College. I am enrolled in the Northwood 3 + 1 program. I currently work at Dow Chemical and hope to continue to excel in the company throughout my education.

    • Hello!

      I am Jessica Johnson, an accounting major doing the 3 and 1 with Northwood. This is only my second computer class ever! I have a three year old daughter and I work as a server.

    • Hi, my name is Bryan Novak. I am enrolled in the Northwood 3 + 1 Management program and will be starting classes at Northwood this January. I currently work at Dow Chemical in the Emergency Services & Security group. I work in the badging and access department.

    • Hi, I’m Jennifer. This is the start of my third year at Delta. I work full time so I am currently going part time for Business and Information Technology. In my free time I spend time with my friends and family. I recently saved a cat that was in need of a home so I am also a new cat mom.

    • Hello Everyone! My name is Aleisha Gorsuch, although my friends and family calls me Lei or Leisha. I will be twenty-seven next month. My boyfriend and I have been together for six years now. We have a six year old son, Ethan, and a one year old daughter, Areiel. We are currently moving from an apartment to a house this week. We have a couple pet ferrets, lizards, and dogs. For the last two years I have been a stay at home mom. This is now my second semester attending Delta College fulltime online. I am going for a degree in Small Business Management. I would love to one day own my own business, especially opening a night club to promote dancing. I feel people do not dance enough. I love to read, listen to music, dance, try new things, and spend time with my children, family, and friends.

    • Hi guys! My name is Michaela Garcia and I am studying Marketing! I am doing the 3+1 program through Delta and Northwood, which I am very excitted about! I have a few jobs as well. I currently serve at a pub in Bay City called JT's. It's a really great place to hang out, and we have phenomenal food, so you guys should come check it out! I also am an Americoprs volunteer and am currently serving at White Pine Middle School in Saginaw Township. I work through the STEM program so I help kids out who are struggling in mainly their math, and science classes. It's a pretty rewarding program!

      I'm excited to start this course, and can't wait to see what this semester brings!

    • Hello All!

      My Name is Kaylee. I am currently working full time, and will be a part-time student. This is my first semester returning to Delta studying Business, enrolled in the Northwood 3 + 1 program. Outside of my life at work, I enjoy spending time with my friends any family, and really doing anything outdoors.

    • Hi my name is Jenssen Riffel. I am currently in my last year at delta doing the 2+2 with Northwood a degree in sports management. I am currently employed at the Freeland sportszone I work there part time. I am a die hard sports fan love watching the Tigers,Lions,and Red wings. I also currently have an internship lined up with ProFootballFocus watching film and evaluating it the way they choose. I look forward to this spring semster good luck everyone.

    • Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Slivinski and I am studying to obtain a bachelors degree in business with a focus on business management. I currently work as a payroll coordinator at McLaren Health Care full time and I am taking 6 credits at Delta this semester. I enjoy the summer weekends a lot, so taking two courses during my valuable Michigan summer time will really pose a challenge for me! I am engaged to be married to my best friend this October so that's another challenge in itself; with trying to plan everything, attend school, work full time, and still try to have a personal life outside all of this! I have two dogs who I absolutely adore as well. I am excited to take this course as I am sure I can learn some very important things from it. I soon will be taking the FCP exam for fundamental certified payroll professionals and I hope that I can obtain this accomplishment before my wedding this October. This is similar to a CPA exam except that it is specifically for payroll professionals who have some previous experience in the field. I am excited to get this course under my belt for another step closer to my education and life goals!

    • Hello, My name is Emily Sivak. I have 2 sons age 4 and 8. My husband and I own a kayak rental service in Vassar MI. I love to be outdoors camping, fishing, and kayaking.

    • Hello. My name is Mark and I work at Nexteer Automotive as a Quality Engineer. I am working toward a 3+1 bachelors from Northwood through Delta college in business. I have a wife and 2 year old son.

    • My favorite presentation was the False Start Presentation. I liked this presentation for a few reason. First, I did mine as a narrative of a scene from Avengers: Endgam. I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that movie, and this scene in particular, was amazing and probably the greatest moment I've ever scene in a movie. Second, I loved the artwork that I used and the way the transitions feel. All-in-all, I thought this was a cool presentation.

    • Another of my favorite presentations was the Midterm presentation. Again, I chose to do mine on Avengers: Endgame. I did a plot summary of the movie to demonstrate all of the steps in the Hero's Journey. I enjoyed illustrating the steps of the Hero's Journey and showing where each one came up in the movie. I also enjoyed the photos I was able to find and the fact that I absolutely loved that movie made it more fun for me.

    • My favorite project was helping others "hack their lives" presentation. I used Instructables, and I loved the way my presentation flowed and looked well put together. I actually had used a YouTube video to learn how to make the flowers but learned some things myself by actually making the flowers myself that the video did not contain. I enjoyed breaking down the process of making these flowers. I did share this link to one of my friends who is also getting married this year, and she is creating her own bouquet for herself and her wedding party. I Instructables was one of the most natural presentation builders that I used and made it fun to use too because I felt like I knew exactly what to do.

    • I really enjoyed finding out some of the things that "grind my gears". I was able to help myself find out what really irritated me and find different ways of dealing or coping with them. I enjoyed the layout of the presentation, but think that it could use a few sounds or transitions than I used. The presentation could have been better, but I did like putting it together and the way that it appeared once it was finished.

    • Hi Brandon,

      I really liked the way your presentation flowed and the graphics that went along with the story matched really well. I have always been a fan of the Marvel universe and truly enjoyed your presentation. I think it may benefit from some various transitions from slide to slide and maybe some sound effects. Overall this was a presentation that I thought looked really well.

    • Hey Kayleek,

      I loved this presentation. It was easy to follow and made it easy to replicate it. It is a very useful life hack that too many of us don't know how to do. I like how clean the presentation looked and it wasn't too wordy. It may have helped to have a short video of the folding of the fitted sheet along with some audio to help walk through the process. This was a great presentation that I will most certainly be using in the future!