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    • This is seriously SO creative!! I love how you took the time to create the flowers yourself. Its so great that you could share with your friend who is getting married as well. The only thing I would have even suggested was a video of you (speed up the time) actually putting it together. I would have loved to watch that! Maybe you should post your own to YouTube! Great Job!

    • I too am an obsessed fur mama! I LOVED looking through all of the pics of your fur babies. They are so sweet! It's amazing that you rescued as well. I don't have really any suggestions other than including some videos of them. Just because Im a sucker for cute dog videos!!

    • I LOVE watching Youtube beauty tutorials! I have been watching them for years. I swear its how I learned how to do makeup and the reason that I run my own beauty page now! I love how you included everything step by step. The look you chose to showcase is stunning. It would have been cool to have the videos embedded in the presentation vs. just the link. I'm totally going to go watch this now!!