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    • Victoria’s panel (interview) with @ElanLee had me wondering what this card game was all about: we usually play Apples to Apples at family gatherings; however, there’s usually enough players willing to try something different.

      So I searched for more info on it and and found this video, which explains how to play a round of EXPLODING KITTENS.

      Yes, that’s a dinosaur, a rabbit and a dog playing cards.


      The team who put this video together must be hilarious, because this game is insanely funny.  I have family in this weekend and definitely would have brought it out if it was on hand—maybe next time.

    • It's a game that I own and it's really fun to play with those who aren't too experienced with board or card games. That being said, I played it with a friend who's a great strategist and within one game he figured out the best strategy to winning (keep as many cards as possible in your hand) and it was not much fun to play with him afterwards as he would win most games.

      For the Apples to Apples crowd it is another great game to play.