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    • Over the years I have gone through a few, for whatever reason the quality isn't always great from a product that really needs to be good.

      I recently picked up a new one, after the previous one snapped multiple times towing in Cuba for almost 300km in the rainy season.

      This one is called Speed Strap, I picked it for a couple of reasons, it has a relatively small pack size and instead of looped end actually has a daisy chain sewn into it. This means you can easily make it a size that suits the situation you are in.

      They are available in various lengths and widths depending on your needs, I found this on Amazon and it came quite highly recommended. I find 15-20 feet works best

      In the past I have used other brands, mule tape and even cable locks to get me out of jams, all worked as required but for them to work you need to practice a little.

      Towing a motorcycle with a motorcycle isn't as easy and obvious as it may seem and it should be a skill that is practiced prior to needing it. Try it on smooth ground first to understand how it will feel, how your motorcycle will react if you are being towed or are towing.

      It can be quite a task to get moving smoothly, then slowing down can be unique for each rider, using the bike at the rear to do the braking to keep tension on the tow strap is imperative to a smooth tow. Also not riding over the line as you maneuver corners might be more of a challenge than you think.

      I could write a great deal about this but sometimes a visual just works better and the best video I could find is this one

      Any questions don't hesitate to ask

    • I haven't seen that strap; looks like an interesting design. Yet, like most straps, once any portion of the weave is frayed, the strap because exponentially weaker.

      Having towed/been towed too many of my fair share of motorcycles, over flat tarmac to knarly terrain, regardless of strap, IMO there is only one safe way to tow another moto.

      I always wrap the strap around the towed bike's footpeg with the minimum number of wraps to prevent slippage. If things get sketchy, the towed rider only needs to lift his foot for the strap to slip off the footpeg and the two bikes are separated. Of course, this method can present issues if you have to duck waddle the towed bike.

      If you use aggressive style footpegs simply place something over the aggressive teeth. I keep cut up sections of a 1 gallon paint can stirring stick wrapped up with my tow strap for this very purpose.

    • thats interesting you carry that,i tend to look for an odd few sections tree branches, but the same effect occurs, and yes the aggressive pegs can destroy a tow rope in no time, that was one of the reasons of having to resort to using cable locks one time just to 'get it done'