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    • Hello friends.

      This time i would like to talk with you and to hear about your experience ( if you have it ) about such photography job - Behind the Scenes and documentary storyteller photographer.

      Sometimes i get an invitations to attend a new movies and clips filming processes with a goal to document this process and to show how this kitchen is working. This requires some knowledge and experience in silent presence, seeing in all directions and very fast response and reaction to the happening at the filming set. After every successful documenting i heavily dream to change my dayjob to something similar - to make history with my stills photography and to show the seen by me to the wide audience, but...It's not to easy find enough projects to shoot with the goal to replace my dayjob, especially related to travel to other countries, even once i traveled with the filming team in Ethiopia.

      What is your opinion - is it possible to live from BTS and documentary photography today ?

      one of my BTS works for the "Land Of The Little People" indie feature film - (

    • Wow, for a self-funded indie film, Land of The Little People sure had serious equipment. I can't even tell what the camera is in that second shot of yours, but props to the guy who is able to shoot from his shoulder for long with that beast.

      I have been involved in a few documentary films, getting them shown at festivals, and selling them to Netflix, Showtime, Nat Geo, etc. The impression I have is budgets are very tight and it's hard to get much for them. I'm surprised that many crews could afford a BTS photographer, although I can imagine most of them would love one. I know I'd love to be one for some films.

      Your blog is quite interesting. You shoot a lot of real film?

    • Thank you for your attention Chris.

      Land of the Little people was created mostly by friends. It was one month+ days of filming during one of our never stopping wars and i visited the shooting sets many times and sometimes it was dangerous to stay in and to continue. But now the film already made many worldwide festivals and the director is thinking about his next idea :-)

      I attend film production sets only sometimes. As you said here - it's not easy to get inside and one need to have some links to know about these filming days, and to be able to go to the set.

      Only few times my work was paid and i can afford this only because i have my daily job that is not connecting with the photography in any way :-)

      I will continue with my posts about the projects i was a part of them during last 2-3 years.

      shooting "Land of the Little People" feature film.

    • This shot is from another set - this time the TV drama series "Shtisel" season ii - got invitation to attend the filming sets just a few times. I was amazed to see the professionalism of the huge ( dependently on what i saw before), around 70 ppl team of actors and filming production personnel.

    • What is your opinion - is it possible to live from BTS and documentary photography today ?

      Hello Victor!

      Speaking to behind the scenes type work, I would think it would be hard to make a living solely from that especially if one desired some type of traditional family life. I am guessing if one had multiple movie making type of skills plus a willingness to travel, then it might be possible.

      My opinion is based on being the stills/BTS photographer in only one 2006 movie, Wake Up Herbert, written, directed and produce by Steve Cauley. I took still photos during rehearsals because of the noise from my camera.

      The movie had its premier in Austin, Texas with the next step being taking it on the festival circuit and finding distribution. It looks like the film did not reach the distribution stage. In the biography of Steve Cauley, mention of Wake Up Herbert is made. Movie synopsis.

      My job was unpaid other that getting credit for my work. I was looking to expand my photography experience. I was able to be "hired" because one of the models I had photographed from a model/talent agency was also the production manager for this film.

      It was a very enjoyable experience because it was a first class production effort. I was able to attend from the casting party to the movie premiere. I am very thankful to have had the experience!

    • I was amazed to see the professionalism of the huge ( dependently on what i saw before), around 70 ppl team of actors and filming production personnel.

      In reference to my previous post to being the still/BTS photographer on the movie Wake Up Herbert, I too found a high degree of professionalism exhibited by all who were working on this movie. It was a fun production with everyone giving 100 % effort.

      In looking at the cast biographies for this movie, you will see pre-grade school children, high school students, a fashion model/software programmer, beginning actors and actresses, veteran actors, a former newspaper editor, musicians, an audio engineer/graphics artist and a woman physician!

      Learning the background of all involved and their motivation for being in the movie was very interesting! Again, I am very grateful to have had this experience!

    • thank you for posting here and for telling your story and experience !

      you're right about how it's not easy to live the life of a documentary and BTS photographer. One who is busy with family life and fulltime job can't easily find free time to visit a filming sets too often. Another problem of my country - unlike US or big European productions where there is such role - BTS photographer and movie productions ready to pay for this "job", here in Israel no one really need this and ready to pay, but everyone are happy to have good pictures from sets, especially if possible to use them for their posters :-)))) i just was in this kind of comical situations and was confused by the lack of understanding and interest in BTS.

    • "Everything is fine" short movie - this set was a part of the 48 Hour Film Project i attended one year ago. Finally the idea of very short ( like 7 minutes movie) outgrown to short movie that these days is looking for its place at different short and feature films festivals.

      Created mostly by a friends crew, it got very professional feeling and look cos almost all these people are filming industry workers but this time all of them forked as a volunteers.

      more is coming !