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    • I was blown away recently by this Google Earth chrome extension. It shows a satellite photo from Google Earth of a random place on Earth every time you open a new tab. It's really interesting seeing what different parts of the world look like that I have never been to.

      It's amazing seeing what amazing things humans have built in the most remote places. It's also just as amazing to realize just how empty space there is too.

      What's your favorite plugin?

    • It's a tossup between 1Password and uBlock Origin, both of which I find indispensable.

      I love 1Password because I have hundreds of accounts all over the web, and it keeps me secure by letting me generate long random passwords for each one that I never have to remember.

      And I love uBlock Origin because it blocks malicious ads, trackers, and other nonsense. I disable it on sites I trust whose ads aren't too obtrusive because I like supporting them financially, but by default I want ads and trackers blocked because they ruin the experience on so many websites and because they're a common vector for malicious code.

      I really couldn't live without either of these extensions.

    • That Google Earth extension is pretty cool. I installed after I discovered your posit and kept refreshing the page for like 5 minutes. I seem to rotate new eye candy tab extensions since they're so easy to install and delete. For awhile I had ones from 500px and Unsplash for photos, and for now I've settled on the Flickr extension.

      My favorite extension is Pocket tho. It lets me save stories I thought were amazing that I might want to reference later, and it helps bubble up the best pages other people save.

    • ghostery. And one called "bring back delete" which brings using the delete key to go to the previous page back to safari. For some reason Apple removed it several revisions ago.

    • As a designer I look for inspiration every day. I found that Muzli plugin for Chrome gives me that spark whenever I fire up a new tab. Beautiful clean layout with tiles of interesting finds that have been curated for me by other designers and editors. Some of them are news, others are links to interesting stuff all over the web. It gives me yet another reason to open a new tab 😂

      Here is a preview of what new tab with the Muzli plugin looks like for me:

    • Only a browser plugin if you use Facebook. F.B.Purity is genious. But, besides multiple ad-blockers on both FF and Chrome, I would say Mute Sites By Default circumvents those annoying blasting autoplay videos.

    • Two that I use every single day are Linkclump and CLUT: Cycle Last Used Tabs

      Linkclump (or a variation of it) has been on all my browsers since 2007. It allows me to open a ton of links all at once and having them load in the background while I work on the first one. It saves me time and effort in clicking on them one at a time and it's one I use every single day for both work and entertainment.

      CLUT is another productivity multiplier for me especially working on a single screen machine. It allows me to quickly switch back and forth between the two most recent tabs in the browser. Yes I can drag a browser tab into a seperate window to use ALT+Tab and switch between them but it's more cumbersome and unreliable in switching. I have it mapped to Ctrl+Q which makes it super easy and ergonomic to go back and forth between two pages.

    • Oh wow, Toly, I just installed both plugins and they're so simple and obvious once you get what they are. Where have these been all my life? I can't count all the times someone sends me three links and I click one at a time and have to get back to whatever tab they send me them in to open the next.

      Welcome to Cake. Great first post.

    • I also use uBlock Origin. I tried also using Privacy Badger because it's suppose to automatically act on pages intelligently instead of relying on a pre-existing list that always needs to be updated. I eventually ditched it because it was yet another whitelist I would have to maintain. ;)