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    • When I look at my 'activity' page it may show more than one reactions & replies to a single conversation.

      When I click on one of them, it takes me to that conversation; I am not sure how other people do things, but when I'm in that conversation I read all replies. I don't read that one specific reply and then go back to the activity page to click on one of the other activity notifications that takes me back to the same conversation.

      So as a result I think it makes more sense to me if ALL the activity notifications for that one thread go to a 'read' state after clicking on one of them, instead of staying 'unread'.

      Does this make sense? Anyone else have thoughts on this?

    • Does this make sense? Anyone else have thoughts on this?

      Yes, that makes sense to me, but given the relatively low level of activity I don't think it's terribly important for now. I generally scan the notifications for new posts and look at those threads, but since there's no reason to look at the reactions (all the information is in the notification), I use the Mark All As Read option to clear the notification alerts.

    • Definitely agree. Thanks for the suggestion!

      There are some technical reasons why this is a little challenging right now, but it's something I really want to implement.

    • Minor bug to report: when I post in a thread, it causes the activity bell to show the blue dot even if there's nothing new other than my own post. The activity page also reports one unread message, though no message is highlighted--I assume it means my own. Not a big deal, but maybe something to fix next time you're mucking with that part of the code.

    • Sorry about that. Your analysis is correct: your own activity is being counted as an unread activity even though it shouldn't be. We're aware of this bug, it's just a little tricky and we haven't had time to tackle it yet. Soon!