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    • I finally wrote down the story of Steve giving the keynote at Unix Expo. After helping Steve with a few more presentations, Wayne Goodrich took over. Wayne worked as producer for Steve at Pixar for four years, helping him do the presentations for Pixar's spectacular public offering.

      Then he followed Steve to Apple and worked with him on all his keynotes. Some of the stories he told me last year at fascinating! How Steve wanted the stage on the iPad launch to look like home. How he hated how the USB port on the original iPad (!) looked terrible in the photos, so...

      I get to interview Wayne on Tuesday and post it here. What questions should I ask him?

    • I've heard legends of just how hard and how much Steve had to rehearse each and every presentation. He made every one of them look effortless and even watching it on a computer I felt like he was talking directly to me. These days every presentation and keynote I watch I subconsciously benchmark against one of Steve's or project on how he would have done it.

      How did he make them so great? Was it the team, the idea or his personal charm? What was his "secret"?

    • who thought of the idea to phone Starbucks and order coffee live at the launch of the iPhone? I think that was what sold me on buying my first iPhone... it was so cool.

    • My question to you would be do you have any old NeXT memorabilia around and do you still own a NeXT ? If no and you would like to take a trip down memory lane perhaps we can work a trade for some old NeXT stuff you may have . I currently have around +- 50 cubes and +- 300 workstations :) I really need to write a book about all this stuff . I'm also computerpowwow on eBay .
      Best Regards Rob Blessin

    • Wow I spent two hours on the phone with Wayne yesterday and the interview was astounding. I’ll try to post it next Tuesday.