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    • Let's just be honest, the mask isn't some powerful talisman and we still brave the luck. Especially since the medical / Pharmaceutical cabal keeps a tight lip or claims a lot is still unknown. They look at it as a job they want to squeeze the most out of.

    • Decided to try a resort “staycation” in Tucson! Stayed at Westin LaPaloma Resort, very nice with lovely views but ,wow, does the pandemic make “resorting” inconvenient. Half of the amenities are closed. Limited access to food and beverage. And only half of the guests wearing masks!?

    • Anyone in Phoenix, AZ want to share their favorite cool summer getaway camp spots? Our stand by is the Payson campground, but getting tired of the same old, same old. Anyone familiar with Canyon Lake? Thought it might “feel” cooler than Lake Pleasant and accepts gas motors!