Guerilla Tactics

Effective guerilla political strategy is where your opponent remains on the defensive no matter how they respond.

Imagine there’s a little publicized fact about contributions to a politician’s re-election campaign. Part of your hard-earned dollar contribution will go to that politician’s party general fund. In the case of the Democratic Party, they charge biannual “dues“ of $250,000 on each elected politician.

Now imagine you ran against an incumbent who received some of those general fund monies to defeat you.

And after winning, you are told that any firm that works on a campaign challenging an incumbent will be blacklisted by the party, which now wants $250,000 in dues from you to help these incumbents stay in office.

What would you do?

Ocasio-Cortez launched Courage to Change to support both progressive incumbent Democrats and primary challengers whose positions are close to her own. (She has thus far endorsed progressives taking on conservative Democratic Reps. Henry Cuellar of Texas and Dan Lipinski of Illinois.) It raised over $69,000 on Saturday, its first day of public fundraising, showcasing her influence amid a feud with senior House Democrats.

(Ocasio-Cortez has refused to pay $250,000 in dues that the DCCC asks of members of the House Democratic Caucus over a two-year period.)