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    • I am appalled by the findings of this interesting piece on Facebook moderators and the contracting agency (Cognizant) that runs much of the content moderation. The moderators are paid way too little, and are micromanaged while being regularly traumatized in various ways. Certain companies seem to pay their employees as little as possible while expecting total control, Greed plays the biggest part I guess, but I am convinced that we are slowly eroding the fabric of society by consistently devaluing people, their experiences, and in not delivering a healthy, happy workforce with good jobs that matter. I tried to give this to all of my employees over the years.

    • wow! just wow!!!! If this all is as such, the head exploding emoticon doesn't even begin to do justice to what those poor folks consider as a "job" that I'd rather call it what it is. Hell on Earth (as for sure it only exists here).

      And am really, really curious, where is all the supercalifragilistic AI so much talked about, when and where is needed the most?