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    • As a Malaysian, it's expected that many of us are at least bilingual, able to speak both Malay and English usually. Some are multilingual, with many Chinese also able to also speak either Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, or any combination of the three, while our Indian friends can also speak Tamil or Hindi. As such I have a fleeting interest in language, and I'm fascinated by how seemingly easy it is for children to pick it up. I have a niece who's almost four, and she can easily talk in both Malay and English just by listening to our family.

      There's a South Korean reality show called "The Return of Superman" which isn't exactly what it sounds like. In this show, mums take a break leaving their husbands behind to look after their kids. These fathers are usually celebrities or athletes, which makes the show a little more interesting. So there's this one father who's a South Korean footballer, while his wife is Swiss. They have two kids, and the eldest can speak not one, not two, not three, but four languages. And she's only four years old (at the time this video was published)!

      I love watching the show, and while we're all stuck at home with a pandemic looming outside I thought I'd share this clip with you for some wholesome content. And if you like it, there's hundreds of videos on YouTube following this family and other families as well to keep you entertained.