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    • Although I ran an amazing business is Seattle for many years it was not part of this modern world. It was put an ad in theyellow page rip offs and wait for the phone to ring. People would call an I would go to their home and serve them.

      Everything you call home is under your roof.

      Mixing the old with the new has been confusing and image not reality has become the norm. While I thought sharing fun times and personal pics on Instagram would be a fun business model it does not sell product. Product information sells product. While I thought a mix of fun and product would sell product on Facebook I’m completely lost on the PROPER way to market in today’s world.

      Lots of people can invent things. But even Steve Jobs needed Chris M to do his keynote presentations.

      I’m going to run this thread and share with you all as we hopefully progress enjoying camping and adventuring while we make new business connections and meet belly to belly with potential accounts.

      Adjusting Instagram you tube and Facebook will require leaving them strictly business I’m afraid.

    • We found a wonderful place to camp called Calico ghost town in Barstow, then we called the KOA and they wanted $48 bucks for a camp site. Way to windy to camp at Calico and gave in to the casino Buffalo Bills in Primm Nevada.

      The better part of valor and no extra charge for the weeny dog.

      15 stops today!

    • Yes, we were well recieved by all but one grump in Azusa. I keep playin that scene in my head from the Back to the Future movie where MJ Fox grabs the guitar. He goes to the mic ans says, you may not like it but your kids will!

      The grandsons got to marsh smoors. Of course that was the best part.

    • I’ve just been told that due to an injury to the co-pilot I may co-pilot the entire race. We are in a close position for the points championship. Pahrump is a rough course many times it’s not about pushing the equipment hard it’s about finishing. Hopefully I can do a good job a helping him finish.

    • These races are won and lost by preparation. Crews- co-pilot mapping out pit stops and what’s getting done where have little to do with driver skill and quality of the machine.

      When your competing with money is no object folks fun better be part of the equation.

      Scott made the calendar is in the running for rookie of the year and if we can get him across the line first he will win the points championship in the Best in the Desert 3700 class.

      Dreams can come true!