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    • UPDATE: This appears to be an issue only using the Microsoft Edge browser. It does not occur on Chrome or Firefox. @Vilen @kevin


      I just noticed what I think is a change in the display of portrait mode photos that are linked from other sites. I think I remember these photos showing without a white box around them - but when I look today I see a box around the photo with white showing on the edges.

      Did this just change?

      In my mind the "box" around the photo takes away from enjoying the photo. The overlay at the bottom showing the source of the photo in a gray overlay also takes away from the photo.

      Here is a linked photo:

      And here is the same photo uploaded directly:

    • OK, that's just plain odd. When I uploaded the bottom photo directly it showed without the white box but after I published the post the image changed to take up space as if it was a landscape mode photo.

      Note the rounded corners on the left and square corners on the right. This is not aesthetically pleasing.

      Please, can we have the photos show without a surrounding box?

    • Thanks! I just discovered that the problem only occurs using the Microsoft Edge browser, everything is fine on Chrome and Firefox.

      I've updated the initial post to indicate that.

    • Hey Denise!

      You are absolutely correct to note that it is an Edge Browser bug. Safari, Chrome and Firefox should display images properly. I’ll ask Kevin if there is an easy fix for it.

    • Thanks Vilen! If it's easily fixable that would be great since it's pretty ugly. But given that it's just one browser it's not as bad as I initially thought.

    • In case it's useful, I am going to upload 2 screenshots to show how the photos look in Cake on Microsoft Edge. Sorry, I should have done this before!

      This is the linked photo: