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    • Ripping Off The Scab Of Ego.

      Followers and views. Some of us are chasing those big numbers of followers and views. Been there, done that and hated myself for it. There is a part of me that is over the moon I’m sharing this. Look at me, i’ve got some big numbers. I must be important. The real me hates that ego side and wished it never happened. Google+ built me up as a Suggested User, ego and then imposter syndrome tore me down.

      How many people do you want to know? I heard somewhere the maximum we can truly know is about 150 people. I don’t need lists, circles, groups to manage this. Now I’m only talking about myself here, so your mileage may vary. I see Cake like this, you walk into a party full of people, you know that there are a few faces you know are here but can’t see them yet. As you walk through you bump into some interesting people, you chat for a while and move on. Still hoping to see a familiar face. Once again you have another riveting conversation with a fellow stranger who happens to share the same interests as you. This guy has a PHD in Maths and your a truck driver yet your common love for photography bonds you that any other social circle couldn’t. One of my favourite ideas i’ve heard is that when we talk to strangers we shouldn’t ask what do you do for a living but what are you passionate about that makes life worth living. That’s true magic my friends. Then you end up chatting to everyone but your close friends and that’s ok. They are not going anywhere. You know eventually you’ll catch up.

      When it comes to stranges I’m an introvert and i’m a bit of a recluse. Photography and the internet are my saving grace, other than my soulmate whom I married. Oh and my sense of humour.

      You know, it’s kind of weird that when It comes down to the numbers. We want millions of followers if we run a country, hundreds of thousands if you’re a celebrity, tens of thousands if your performing at a concert, a thousand people at a theater, a hundred at a local band gig, a handful of true friends and one soulmate.

      So what numbers do you really care for?

      I’m casting my vote for no follower option, just interests.

    • so much truth in this. i too got put on the G+ "suggested user" list and when my number of followers started escalating i immediately hid that number from my public profile because i didn't want people to be following me cause they thought i was an "influencer" (trust me i could never be that) that had a mass number of followers and those people would either start throwing spam in the comments on my posts or that they would follow me just because i had a ton of followers so that meant i must be something special

      i hid my numbers because i wanted people to follow my work that genuinely enjoyed it and the words that often accompanied it. i don't mind the idea of having the ability to follow other's work here, but it would be nice if it could be that each person could be a topic perhaps and you could filter it accordingly so you only see their photo posts kind of like collections work on G+

      example: you could search topics and set the topics criteria as (artists name) (photography) (behind the scenes) to see any posts that photographer created that they listed all those topics for when they created it. it would of course mean being more conscience of how you as a contributor added topics to your posts, but it could be a way to help to get searches down to a more granular level and still–in a roundabout way–be able to follow someone

      i know i have been adding (godriguezart) as a topic to my posts to see if it eventually becomes a relative (public) topic. since this platform is so new i think these are the types of ideas we as contributors/content creators should be bringing to the table to help mold this piece of clay–or perhaps it's dough–that is Cake

      @Chris perhaps the above mentioned abilities as a consideration for future additions?

    • to add a bit to this, another reason i am enjoying cake is again another tie in to the Beta days of G+ where we are interacting with the devs and owners here much in the way that we did on early G+ and getting our feedback heard and directly responded to by them

      i know i would get such a rush when Vic Gundotra would chime in on one of my posts about suggested features or when any of the other Devs would drop by and acknowledge my ideas in posts, you really felt you were a part of what was shaping the platform–and to me–was why i felt such a sense of ownership of G+ early on. i am getting that same sense here and i love it

    • Personally I have mixed feelings about the ability to follow specific users on Cake. Sure it might be helpful, though if it is implemented, I think that it would be a mistake to publically publish a person's follower count or the number of people whom they follow.

      Like you, my social media following is in the hundreds of thousands of users worldwide; the main fault of social media is the assumption that if someone has a large following then they should be followed, as if a large number of followers equates quality or authority. Just like anything else in Vogue culture, it's always about the numbers, be it a large social media following, the number of friends someone has amassed on Facebook, or a bloated bank account.

      These are my thoughts on the matter; I would like to see the ability to follow specific users, but I think that the following should be a private matter only accessable to that user who following someone else.

    • I'm a pleb and don't have a huge following anywhere, and that's exactly how I like it.
      For me, (and I'm sure you and many others) it is the quality of the interaction and discussion that matters. Your analogy is spot on and a great way to explain what can make a place worth interacting in.

    • This is a constant topic of debate among us internally. We have a couple friends who work at Facebook and their perspective often goes something like this: "you need to reward your users with a dopamine hit when they do X" or "if you display how many views conversations get, then users will compete to get the most views and that will be good for you because they will promote their conversations on other networks."

      The thing is we're doing this for the love of conversation. That's the motivation we hope to promote, and it feels like if your motivation is to become popular or to sell more widgets you can probably do those things better on Instagram or Twitter.

      I often think of Wikipedia. 100,000 editors go to extraordinary lengths to keep an updated repository of knowledge, and they do it without recognition or pay. Who would have imagined that before they got traction?

    • Thank you for resisting so far.
      Hopefully the quality of the discussions and the diversity of the topics raised in here will give us all the dopamine we need from a site such as this :)

    • yeah, we were interacting left right and centre during beta and even a few years in. Making the suggested user list bumped up the follower numbers to 100,000+ but quality and number of interactions started dropping to nice pic, thank you, would you like to see my b...

      Still thankful for the whole experience as thats where I met a bunch of great people who I interact with in real life up to today.

    • Thanks. One specific example I hear from employees of Facebook is when you scroll through your feed on Cake, you get to see the number of reactions that each conversation got. In order to add reactions to the conversation, you have to click on the title and actually go into the conversation. They say you should be able to do that at the top level (the feed level) to get the reward.

      The trouble, when you think about it, is you are probably only reacting to the title without reading the conversation. I can see their point, the way they see it we would remove some friction and add some addictiveness. You can do that at Reddit, just upvote based on the title. It's just that we've chosen not to.

    • Thank you for posting and being so honest. I'd say most of us can relate to various aspects of your post. I'm glad we are connected, even if it's only intermittent x
      Yes, like you, some discussions go right over my head and make me wonder about my own intelligence, but then I remember we are all different and have strengths in other areas that others don't.

    • So glad you haven't.
      I'm begrudgingly on Farcebook (my view) due to having family who only use it. I really dislike many aspects of it.

    • I've just always created content I liked and found connection with those who also like what I post. I remember in the early days of G+ when talking to a photographer who said he created the content people wanted to see, not what he likes to create. That stuck with me. I don't feel right when I pander to the masses. I create what I want - and it may be controversial or unpopular - but I create the content I want and if people don't like it they're free not to follow me.

    • my mantra with my art is if i wouldn't put it on my own walls why would i think someone else would, in other words, i create my art for myself first and foremost and if other people like it, then that's awesome too, but i am the one that has to like it above all others

    • I wish I could turn off the follower numbers at that time but I was chasing the attention of On1 Software. My ego blinded me think those numbers would clinch the deal. It paid off but how stupid of me to think it was the numbers and not the quality of work they liked. Even though the early photos they used were in my mind shit.

      The more I read others comments about the ability to search for people as well as topics, is starting to grow on me. I just need a big daddy to help me keep the ego at bay. It's not as bad as I make it out to be but I'm very aware it's there.

    • I'm right with you on that. I'm also enjoying hanging around smarter people than me. I'm not the sharpest knife in the draw. I'm more of a spork that stands out amongst the other fancy cutlery.

    • I agree about not being able to follow or have the numbers shown. I would like to see the ability to search for people along with topics. I want Cake to be different to all other social media. People want change but there's only a refresh of the same model. I don't want numbers, I want a tribe.

    • I can see how Cake will probably use this type of following someone as a marked person of interest. If this pans out I wouldn't want to know how many people have me "marked" or anyone else for that matter. This would be a reasonable compromise for searching people directly.

    • Al, I'm a pleb too. If you counted the number of days I have held a camera in 7 years it's probably between 100 to 150. So you're most likely have more experience than me.

      By the way, I recognised your name from G+ 😉

    • Hearing you say these words makes my heart skip a beat. I want a tribe where stories are told and lessons are learnt. Playful banter, laughter and a few tears that bond people closer. I hope Cake sticks to those core principles.

    • You did the right thing by block those people. I wish I could have done the same.

      I too am a fan of simple and light hearted. 😁 When intelligence was handed out I was at the back of the line taking photos. 😉 I will give myself some credit when it comes to wisdom. I've clicked up more than half a century so something should have stuck by now.

      I have the upmost respect for two types of people. Carers and Teachers. I tip my hat to you and hope to read more of your chiming in. 😁