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    • Saw this earlier too. I think it's nonsense on two parts. Firstly, what iPhone users do on their phone doesn't stay on their phone. If people back up their photos to iCloud or use any other of Apple's services for example, their data obviously isn't remaining on the phone.

      Secondly, iPhones (and related services) are not immune to security breaches. Remember that massive celebrity iCloud scandal a few years ago? And apparently last year iCloud login info was breached as well.

    • The 7 will be 3 years old by September this year.

      The iPhone 5S was at least three years old by the time we bought one. I have no problem with buying an 8 or higher, but I was told the 7 would meet my functionality and performance needs.

      I guess an Android phone is not an option?

      Good question. We like the iPhone so we’re just looking for the same experience in a newer shinier model.

    • Honestly I would consider the 8 rather than the 7. I went for the X when it came out and it was too soon -- only with most reason updates is it finally being the phone I wanted.

      The 8 and 8 plus are great phones

    • Apple does have better security than Android (in general, being a single vendor controlling the whole stack, from transistors, to build, to OS, to software), but I think their point was different. I believe the idea of the ad is that with Apple your privacy is better protected than on an Android (with Google being an ad and search company which uses your data for profiling).

      Which is a fair point, and becoming more and more relevant as the time goes by. Personally, I am on an Android, and I do trust Google with my data, and understand the privacy trade-off of using their services. On the other hand, I am not on Facebook precisely because I do not trust them with my data and do not find their service worthy of a privacy cost involved.

      More to the point, if you're on an iPhone because Apple doesn't spy on you, but you are on Facebook, you're like one of those people that are declared health nuts who take supplements and exercise regularly, but at the same time smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

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