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    • If you’re just getting into photography, there are several things to consider when buying a camera. Why do you want a camera in the first place, and what’s drawing you toward photography?

      While the question of “which camera should I buy?” may be a simple one, the answer is anything but.

      Once you’ve decided you want to get into photography, it’s good to know what you like to photograph, and how you like to do so. For instance, do you enjoy capturing scenes on the street? Are you the person at the restaurant table that takes five minutes to photograph their food before you eat it? Or are you looking for a camera that will help you capture your family’s memories?


    • Your advice is much more gentle than my typical advice. People that know me ask me all the time which camera they should buy (usually, the question was precipitated by a recent trip to Costco and they see some sort of Nikon/Canon combo kit on the endcap) and I bluntly tell you mostly just want to look like a photographer or do you want to learn photography? If their answer is that want to learn photography, I recommend they buy a solid PNS camera in the $300-$500 range and learn about ISO, aperture-priority, etc first (at least one year and 5000 images) and then consider a DSLR.

      If people admit they mostly just want to look like a photographer, then I highly recommend one of those cheap kits because it will quickly end up sitting underneath those clothes hanging off the treadmill. LOL