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    • These what are you grateful for questions are getting harder and it's only Day 7!

      This is a memory from the Pacific Ocean, 1972. It's not necessarily this particular memory I'm grateful for but what this photo means. So many trips, so many places. I'm so grateful that my parents packed us up every summer and took us somewhere different each year. We started out in a small 4 man tent, graduated to larger tents, a pop-up trailer, and finally travel trailers. When mom & dad retired they bought the ultimate 40' 5th wheel trailer and took off.

      They instilled in me my wanderlust, my appreciation for going new places, seeing new things and learning about the world we live in.

    • I met this girl and wow could she ride a horse. I was only 19 she swept me away and still does 4 children later. I look back and shake my head because it could have worked out so badly. We were very lucky. I'll always remember riding horses with her.