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    • On busy roads I would recommend turning off audio alerts. It doesn’t get visually distracting, but excessive beeping definitely gets you.

      There are many roads where the right shoulder is too narrow or non-existent. Those stretches are particularly stressful. You can’t really turn your head back too much or else there could be something on the road. The radar gives you that reassurance, so you don’t need to look back as much.

    • I received my Garmin RTL 510 bundle package this morning from Amazon, and it does, indeed, contain both a radar tail light, and the displayed wireless handle bar display that shows the radar signal movement as seen on the Edge head units.

      Here is a picture of my box I received this morning, and there are 2 devices - tailight and display within it. I did open it and check.

      I haven't even mounted it yet. Way Cool!!

    • I mounted my units this morning, and like you, I think, I have some reservations about the mounts. I may have to look into aquiring a mount like you did, if I can purchase one sperately somewhere.

      The rubber band mounts are easy to attach - or to remove, as well - and I worry a bit about long term durability, and general security, from brigands, and vibration and gravity. The "rubber bands" are really high strength Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer bands, only available from Garmin, but still.... Not as secure as real bolts and screws, but perhaps cheaper, and certainly, easier to attach quickly without tools.

      The light/radar unit mounts are REALLY designed for vertical seat posts - but I have a mountain bike with a small bag on a luggage rack that doesn't offer me a way to use the seat mount post, so I have attached the light/radar unit to one of the 1 cm diameter supports of the luggage rack beside the rear wheel, extending up from the rear axle. We'll see how that works in the next few days. I am unwilling to remove the pack from my luggage rack as I am carrying other stuff to use as I travel about.

    • On last night’s ride I was more conscious about how I might use it and one scenario is looking over my shoulder for cars before merging across lanes. I never feel 100% confident about that.

      The scenario is i’m In the bike lane of a 4-lane road (two in each direction) when I want to cross over 2 lanes to get to a left turn lane. I look over my shoulder but my dark glasses obscure the view a bit but especially my forward riding position limits my view. I always fear I miss seeing an aggressive driver coming in hot.

      Does this detect cars two lanes over?

    • I finally got to go riding today after a couple days of rain. My RTL 510 radar tailight bundle worked flawlessly.

      I was a bit concerned as I mounted it on the right side of my rear wheel on a luggage pannier support, whether that might compromise its sensivity or accuracy. It also tended to not be exactly vertical, but slanting downward maybe 10 or 15 degrees from vertical. If I had mounted it on the left side of the wheel, it would have been pretty close to the deraileur and the drive gears.

      Despite these concerns, it worked flawlessly, detecting cars before I could see them in my rear view mirror, and rendering them on my display until they passed me on my left. The display was very bright and easy to see and interpret in bright sunlight. Cars were detected at least 200 yards or more behind me.

      The head unit is smart too - it does not render or display cars that have passed me in the opposing lane and are driving away from me, NOR does it render vehicles crossing the road behind me at distances where it clearly sees cars approaching me. In other words, the display is "smart" and ONLY displays car/vehicles approaching me from behind me. So I don't have to interpret other false positives, Cool!

      Chris asked if it will detect vehicles two lanes over behind me as they approach on a 4 lane highway - while I did not actually evaluate this, the device was so sensitive and so precise, I am pretty certain it will detect cars two lanes to your left as you ride in the shoulder of the road. It certainly renders cars until they actually depart in front of you, so it sees them when they are directly beside you.

      I also had some concerns with the security of the mounts, but over a 30 mile ride today, they seemed to work flawlessly also. So good news all around!

      Go Garmin!! 👍🏻

    • Turns out Garmin actually makes a dedicated round post mounts that used to be included with the previous generation of the radar. Now it is sold separately.

      Garmin Seat-post Quarter Turn Mount For Varia is $20 well spent on a high quality mount vs using included rubber bands.

    • I talked to a serious cyclist this morning who rides in a group and one rider has a rear-facing camera. It has no live view, it only records incidents so you can use it for insurance or whatever. Pheh.

      Whatever happened to this concept and the campaign on Indiegogo?