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    • Part 1: I spied an older dog in his cage loving a volunteer.

      He had marks on his face from who knows what but he was soaking up the affection from the volunteer. I knew from experience that older dogs with scars have a tough time finding homes.

    • Part 2: I discovered his name is Ernie. He stood on his back legs to charm anyone he could as they passed by his cage.

      I watched Ernie charm a couple, who spoke to the volunteer. The three of them took him outside to a secluded corner of the parking lot. I followed and took this spy photo with my long lens:

      I had heard the volunteer tell them "spend as much time with him as you want."

      I approached the couple and asked permission to take photos. They said sure. There was obvious affection between the three of them.

      They had come to the show resolved that they couldn't adopt at this time, but Ernie got to them. He had been with the adoption agency a long time, but today he went home with his new owners, elated. I cried.

    • Part 4: We were there in the afternoon of the first day and already 426 pets had found new homes. The volunteers rolled out the red carpet, literally, for new owners, and made sure they had all the support and info they needed. There were 2,000 animals at the show up for adoption.