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    • There is a lot of miss information about the laws around Blockchain, Digital Currencies, Token Sales, etc. and I wanted to point you all to my firm's Blog which is update often with current and real info: . It really is a great resource for those who want to get a great understanding of the current state of the legal issues around blockchain, digital currencies, etc.

    • Value of Cryptocurrency Offers Fall in March 2018, as
      SEC Clamps Down.

      "The value of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in March 2018 is expected to fall to its lowest levels since August 2017, which may be a response to the flurry of
      subpoenas issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as it attempts to
      establish how investors are being treated in the lightly regulated market, the Wall
      Street Journal
      reports. More than 180 coin offerings are expected to
      launch in March, compared to 175 in January and 197 in February, but they are
      only expected to raise $795 million, 45 percent less than February’s $1.44 billion.
      The total, which is the lowest since August, is the first since the SEC sent at
      least 80 subpoenas and requests for information to various firms involved in
      ICOs. It wants to establish whether companies and key advisers have breached
      rules that govern how middlemen such as brokers sell investments to the public.
      The first quarter is still on track for roughly $3.6 billion in ICO
      fundraising, more than half the $6.6 billion raised in 2017."

      A good blurb on the current state of public offering of tokens's. The good news is we all are trying to keep out the bad actors on what is a truly amazing technology and a great way for companies to generate revenues by the sales of their tokenized produces and services.

      Some kind of "safe harbor" on how to do public sales or distributions of tokens's would be a good thing, as long as it is not too burdensome. If we can find a way to keep it cost effective and keep out the bad actors, everyone wins. I'm guessing the tech is pushing faster than the SEC and CFTC can keep up, so some cooling is good as the parties come up with practical solutions that work.

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