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    • Hello All-

      Howdy, my name is Bradford Benn. Thanks for the invite Chris. I am a practicing photographer for years. I work in the Professional Audio Video industry. Not homes, think stadiums and theme parks. I am in the process of changing jobs as my current employeer (Harman, yes that Harman-Kardon & JBL, Harman) is in the process of laying me off with my final day on Dec 22, 2017. If you want to know the exact count, it can be found on my blog at

      In my spare time I am a board member, host, contributor, and digital janitor (yes, I copied) of, yes home and professional AV.

      I am still getting my feet wet around here but look forward to some new fun.

      -=Bradford <-yes really, I have the TLDR of rocks.

      The picture is me and my wife Jennifer in Denali, AK in May of 2015.

    • howdy Brad, great to see you on cake also.

      Feel for you losing your job but you are tough and will survive.

      There are plenty of companies that value hard workind, dedicated employees... you will connect with one soon, I'm sure.


    • Would you like me to share my bad whale photos?

      Yeah the being let go is sucking, but I think my next step will be fun. After 17 years it is interesting having to hunt again, completely different process. If all goes well in about 33 days I will have an answer to where.

      I just have to be a good employee for another 30 days...

    You've been invited!