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    • A few observations from the video and elsewhere.

      The browser loads all of the search results at once so that you can instantly swipe from story to story.

      This approach, if I understand correctly, would use significant data, a definite issue for users on limited-data cellphone plans. It sounds fabulous if you’re in “unlimited data is the norm” Silicon Valley, but for much of the world this will be a deal breaker.

      Here’s a great explanation as to why Cake doesn’t load more than 25 conversations at a time on your timeline.

      The second point I would make is that Google paid Apple $9 billion per year to remain the default browser on the iPhone. [1] I don’t see Google worried about a new browser competitor.

      The third point I would make is that once they implement their “creative revenue plan,” they will have a bunch of annoyed users:

      The browser doesn’t yet generate revenue, but the company has ideas about how it could insert a search result that’s really an ad in the middle of its returned pages to swipe through. For instance, if you were shopping for a particular item – like a black cocktail dress – a retailer could advertise their product’s landing page in your shopping search results alongside the organic results. [2]

      Yeah, I swipe left and instead of the next search result I get a full screen ad.


      [1] $1 billion payment confirmed for 2014. $9 billion for 2018 is analysts’ estimate

      [2] TechCrunch review of the browser app

    • Geez. Planting full-screen ads in a swipe environment. 😝

      I can’t for the life of me make sense of that logo. What *is* that?

    • I don’t remember the exact timing, for the launches of the two Cakes, but I seem to remember we incorporated first and got and @cake on twitter before they incorporated — but they may have launched their product before us.

      I remember being discouraged about it, thinking we didn’t need brand confusion: someone goes to get our app and installs theirs instead.

      Looking at it, I had the same thoughts as Apm and didn’t think it would be around long. But they raised $5 million and got some press, so shows what I know.

      I get the feeling the play is to sell their intellectual property and patents to google. I don’t get the feeling they’re going to be able to take significant market share from Chrome or get a very good monetization model.

    • You think Google will even bat an eyelash at these guys? I think they’re dreaming. Such an odd mashup—dating app swiping with internet search. It seems like a crazy combination, but I’m from a different generation. Maybe they know something I don’t.