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    • New York Times awards three coveted stars this week to the new upscale Korean restaurant Atomix by a husband and wife duo. Link to the Pete Wells review is here:

      Congrats to their team on the execution of these complex dishes - It was a pleasure to watch, photograph, and now read about. Most images here were taken on the new Hasselblad medium format H6D system I had a chance to test out recently.

    • Daniel, as beautiful and captivating as this shot is, I got even more blown away by the food table photography gallery on your website. Simply stunning!

      Welcome to Cake. I can't wait to see more of your amazing work and more so the stories behind them here.

    • What was the inspiration/approach for the shot? It looks like a miniature and the small depth of field makes whatever is on the plate hard to distinguish. With the fade in focus the sauce wipe almost look a small tower with an orange top. The off center composition and angle on the plating comes off a little different, I am sure a lot of time was spent arranging the items on the plate in a specific manner and that is lost on me a little with the angles. Would like to hear how this composition was produced, help me understand your take on it.

    • Some really awesome shots in there huh.

      Not your typical here is a plate and zoom in on the grub, was why I was curious on the post shot, it broke away from much of the portfolio although quite a few images have plates off the frame and different take on the "normal" type compositions.