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    • It appears things are starting to get real in the US in regards to the coronavirus. Will we be rallying via podcast and Twitter? How long will this cancellation of rallies last? How will it effect the election? Will Trump hold rallies even if medical officials warn him not to?

      The consequences are starting to accelerate in the US.

    • There was a time early in the history of the USA that presidential candidates did not do any campaigning. Their supporters campaigned but the candidate did not.

      The radio caused the mellifluous nature of the voice combined with a confident cadence to become a trait which influenced voters. Beginning with the 1960 election, being photogenic and having stage presence also became factors which influenced voters.

      It would be interesting (although unfeasible) to see what would happen if both physical presence and broadcast media (including internet media) were removed from the equation. But the only way that would happen is if a major disaster disrupted our national infrastructure to a degree much more severe than the Covid-19 is currently causing on a global basis.

    • It's getting real in Madrid as well, and it's happening very fast. Almost 800 infected, which is about half the total for all of Spain. Amazon Prime won't even take any gorcery orders for two days and there was panic buying in my nearest supermarket, though no fighting over the last roll of toilet paper--it was mobbed but orderly. Chinese immigrants run many of the mom and pop grocery stores in my neighborhood and they have all closed abruptly "for vacation." Schools are closed and large gatherings are now banned, but the main problem is that hospitals are overwhelmed--there aren't enough ICU beds to meet the added demand. The bars and restaurants are still open though; when they close, you know the end is near.