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    • Just watched this vid...pretty cool delivery. Got me reminiscing when I started my freelance business in 2000 and probably spent $75K in camera related gear...I sourced everything through B&H. Amazon was not killing it back then.

      Pretty amazing how in the world of corporate acquisitions to survive the Amazon Goliath, B&H and Adorama have remained independent and thrived. I purchase much of my chinese knock-off incidental accessories on Amazon, but, the folks at Adorama always treat me well.

      I am sure everyone has their fav camera store (sort of like motorcycles and the appropriate farkles that go with that medium) but, is there anyone that has NEVER ordered from B&H? That would surprise me.

    • You're right, that's a pretty cool video.

      I bought from B&H for years, very happy with their level of service - and since I am in the northeast, essentially next-day delivery is pretty cool. I flip between B&H and Hunt's Photo & Video. Now that I am retired and can easily get to Hunt's during the day (not on crowded weekends) I tend to buy locally.

    • I am so glad to see them doing well. I have been a fanboy of B&H since forever and hoping Amazon wouldn't eat their lunch. Amazon deliveries have become so unreliable in our area I try to never use them and there are persistent reports that counterfeit photography gear slips into Amazon's catalog.

      Also, the user reviews seem more like they come from real photographers on B&H. Amazon is having a tough time with sellers gaming their reviews.

    • I had to take a phone call.

      I was going to say I actually like to go to my preferred Shops and handle the goods before I buy expensive kit. I think it's good to build a relationship with a shop in meatspace. It sure made returning faulty goods easier than the few I've bought online.

      But yeah Cards, accessories and spares I get online.

    • B&H is one of my obligatory stops when in NYC. Don't use them online any more (being in the EU, lower shipping costs and no customs pretty much locked me down to EU-based shops), but would readily recommend them to anyone. Professional, knowledgeable and well-run.

    • I've wondered for a long time how they do it. They're in New York, a very expensive place to do business, they're closed on Saturdays, camera stores are declining all over the nation, camera manufacturers and pro photographers are suffering, they're one click away from competitors online for price comparisons, Amazon and Costco prices can be subsidized by membership fees, and their warehouse for shipping is on the East Coast, not optimized for lowest shipping costs.

    • IMHO and a major bone of contention with that they put all these great brick and mortar bookstores out of business (Including you Chris, right?) and now they are opening brick and mortar stores...especially with their acquistion of Wholefoods. I think the reason many of the sustaining camera stores have been able to survive is the salespeople actually know stuff about cameras...from the baseline novice to the Annie Leibovitz persona. Which means they have to pay staff pretty competitively. Which companies like Amazon and others will not do.

      It is never about price but it is always about price. As a consumer I want maximum value and I want to "feel" good about my purchases.