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    • Admirable intentions but can this work?

      "In the Bella Coola Valley, and throughout British Columbia, there has
      been a shift in recent years in the way bear-human conflict is managed.
      Trophy hunting in the province, which claimed about 300 bears a year,
      was banned in 2017. Conservation officers no longer routinely kill bears
      involved in altercations with humans. And residents are being
      instructed by the provincial government to manage “attractants” like
      orchards, gardens, beehives, chicken coops, sheep paddocks and barbecues
      as carefully as they manage garbage."

      This new policy was followed in a recent bear attack where a park ranger was seriously wounded, losing part of his ear, severely damaging his scalp, and suffering deep puncture wounds to his abdomen. He had been hoping to take photos of the bear and her cubs, a few feet from his cabin when she attacked. He had to drive himself to the nearest hospital. He is glad that the bear was not shot and blames himself.

      Education and changes in the environment are helping the new policy work but it is not simple. Humans are encroaching on the bears' environment and people have different opinions about what should be the result. Photo taking tourists are helping to make the bears less afraid of humans which can make for dangerous encounters.

    • Some people are just ridiculous and have no common sense. The below was a shocking documentary and fascinating to watch.

      There ought to be a right balance between full on animal hugging craze and hunting them mercilessly, to extincion. Our place in the world is somewhere in between.

    • Oh, I totally agree with you!

      I am afraid I cannot watch that movie. I am not good with gore and I love animals.

      I have seen or heard so many stories of people being foolish and animals being blamed. What a shame.

    • The movie is great, there is no gore per se being shown, so you will be safe, but there is alot of unbelievable filming of someone mad enough to move in and live with the bears for quite extended periods of his life.