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    • In this post you can learn about Android projects hosted on #github.  The post is open for all so you can easily search for the stuff you need! Please don't post anything that is not related to Android projects on Github.

    • Welcome to Cake, @cking24343!

      Right now, I don't have anything to offer that is strictly on-topic, but all of the topics you added to this post are very interesting to me. I wonder why I didn't already follow all of them - but I do now, as well as this post. :)

    • What exactly does it do?

      GitHub is basically an online storage facility for your code. They refer to these as repositories.

      The code could be for a phone app your developing. Or it could be for a desktop PC. Or for a system running on your company’s server.

      So why would I want to store my app’s code on a “repository”?

      If you have a team in different locations, they can all access and work on the code.

      There are also version control tools so that you can keep track of changes made. If you want to know what was changed between versions or want to revert to an earlier version, GitHub makes it easier.

      You can keep your code in a public repository, meaning anyone can access the code. Or you can pay for a private repository, if you only want to share the code with your team.

      There are a bunch of other tools available with GitHub to assist developers with the “life cycle” of software development.

      So what @cking24343 wants to do with this conversation is to share and talk about their projects on GitHub.

      This is most likely an oversimplified and possibly incorrect in parts explanation, but hopefully it gives you a better sense of what the tech speak here is all about.