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    • I once found a twenty dollar bill in a jacket I picked up from Goodwill for fifty cents. I was pretty happy with myself at the time, but everything now pales in comparison to finding the submersible car from James Bond in a storage locker.

      General question to the community and @Drue , @DanSolarMan :

      What’s your best found treasure story to share?

    • there are a few of this, when I lived in the Bahamas there was a junk yard I used to go to, to get parts for my '72 Cutlass. At the entrance to the junkyard was one of these, mounted up on top of a post...wonder if its still there and if the owner knows about Elons generosity.

      Recent hurricanes most likely have destroyed it if it was still around

    • Imagine someone renovating their home finds a stash of cash hidden under the floor. Some people would keep the money; clearly it was forgotten -- or, if not forgotten, the original owner clearly doesn't remember where he hid it. Plus, once you own the home, what's inside is now yours. Isn't possession nine-tenths of the law?

      While the analogy isn't perfect, Jennifer Kimes just proved she definitely disagrees. 

      I don’t think Elon is returning the car.


    • My grandfather was my best friend. When he retired at 65 he began his lifelong passion for hunting rocks. As a young boy living with my grandparents I was his sidekick. Back pain be damned bags/gunnysacks of rocks were always slung over our shoulders as we returned from rock expeditions. I now know how extremely dangerous these expeditions were as we usually ended up in some hole headfirst underground. How we survived without these holes collapsing is seriously beyond me. One time we found a 165 lb crystal. We had no way to carry the rock so we fashioned tree limbs thru the arms and legs of his coveralls and carried the rock 2 miles out of the woods. One day while I was in one hole and he in another I uncovered an agate. Well partially because I didn’t recognize it for what it was. Headfirst and dark underground long before the days of battery headlamps I relied on only the available light. Tired I climbed out of the hole and in goes Grandpa. Shortly after he comes out with a rock. This 8 lb beautiful blue agate is not only my most prized possesion but also the biggest find of my life. I’ll get a pic and share it tomorrow.

    • Dan, those are incredible memories of you and your grandfather. And what great mineral finds from your outings. Yeah, I would love to see a picture of it.

      Thank you so much for responding to my call out and for sharing such treasures.

    • I wish I could bring out the true colors more. This was found in 1969 near Kalama WA. You can tell it was formed by heat as the bottom is flat from where it landed.