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    • !!!!! I was hoping when I wrote this story that the guy from Intel who picked up the phone when I called would discover it. Dunno if you are him and I didn't know about your book, but I bought it after you posted and already got sucked in:

      Grove Meets Jobs

      Ironically, as things worked out, I believe I might have been present at the beginning of the Rambus War. My partner and I had been calling on NeXT Computer for years, slowly building up our relationship there. Steve Jobs, the president of the company, used to drop in on our meetings often, take control of the meeting, and mesmerize us with his off the cuff oratory that, because of his incredible speaking skills, sounded like prepared speeches. I had come to respect Steve Jobs as the single most charismatic man I would ever meet.

      The second most charismatic man I’ve met is Andy Grove, who at that time was the president of Intel. Not as smooth as Jobs, but with a depth of intelligence and insight that is impressive to watch in action. I was thrilled when we had built the relationship with NeXT to the point where Andy would join us on a sales call. Somehow, these two highly influential men had never met before that day.

      Andy and Steve hit it off right away, both being...

      You are so right about Steve's gift, his reality distortion field as those of us who worked for him described it. But he worked at it harder than any man I've ever heard of:

      Awesome of you to weigh in! 👏👏👏