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    • This was an incredible read. You've lived quite the life. I'll have to check out more about Bill Atkinson. I wonder what sort of neuroscience he worked on?

    • I still believe it or not resell NeXT Computers , 25 years plus , my first day of work at Alembic Systems reselling 3rd party products and NeXT hardware ; NeXT shut down their hardware production line February 9, 1993 , everyone took it as an omen and after all these years later I'm still here ! Best Regards Rob Blessin

    • I was the Intel FAE calling on NeXT who set up the meeting between Steve and Andy. I loved reading this recollection of those days from your perspective. We had gone in hoping to close you guys on the 860, but Andy wisely realized that was a dead end and calmly mentioned that we had a 100 MHz 486 running in the labs. Steve turned to Rich Page and asked what that would be like in Vax MIPs. When Rich gave a number that Steve liked, the 45 minute meeting stretched to 5 hours, resulting in having me put together a mockup of a NeXT PC in black. I have a long version of this same story in my book Nerd Story (on Amazon).

      One other aspect of this meeting that changed the industry and my subsequent place in it was an offhand comment Steve made to Andy at the end of the meeting: "You aught to check out Rambus. They have some interesting ideas about memory. " I ended up being the JEDEC chairman driving the DDR specification to fight back against Intel and Rambus' attempt to take over the memory industry.