Part 5: Our engineers told us Intel chips were inferior to Motorola’s and they only became a standard because Intel had managed to convince IBM’s PC division to use them. I had read two of Andy’s books and was concerned that he was a salesman prone to exaggeration.

And that was exactly my impression when I met him. Motorola couldn’t push the 68040 past 40 megahertz and to their credit, 40 megahertz was insane! Oh my God. The only thing more insane was Intel’s 80486 running at 66 megahertz! Can you imagine? I was a physicist, I should know.

And that’s when Andy lost some credibility with me. I can’t remember exactly what he said about future speeds, but I seem to remember 400 megahertz or maybe even more. Oh, please. You’re claiming 10x more than Motorola? Everyone knows Motorola is the more technically capable company. You won’t be able to bullshit Steve the way you did IBM.

And yet. He seemed so confident. Probably just a good actor?

I thought the plan should be for Andy to call Steve and admire him for all he’s done (not hard to do). Bring technical people up to meet Steve’s, offer a few really great engineers to do a test port of NeXTstep on Intel, and provide some funding. Maybe Steve would bite?

Andy’s assistant said he’d keep me up to date on what happened next. I left wondering what Bill Gates and Michael Dell thought of Andy.