Part 8: I got a call a few months later from General Magic. Their vision was so compelling I accepted their offer to work there.

Selling NeXTstep as software wasn’t going well and NeXT discontinued making hardware before they could ship the 88110-based workstation. Far as I knew, only Data General was making a machine with 88110s. Apple had abandoned it and teamed up with IBM & Motorola to produce the PowerPC processor.

NeXT became less relevant, but word was Steve and Andy were getting along. Andy conducted offsites with Steve and his team to teach his management methods that would become so famous.

George Fisher made a fateful decision to become CEO of Kodak. The reputations of Motorola, Kodak, or George would never be the same again.

And then news broke that would change the world: Apple bought NeXT and Steve became CEO.