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    • I'm working on a big overhaul to my assistive technology app, SnapType. I'm using Balsamiq, the same program that I used 6 years ago, when I created my first app. It's far from perfect and I'm sure there are better/newer programs to use, but I've stuck with Balsamiq because:

      1) I've already paid for it (No subscription fee. An amazing value considering the length of time I've used it).

      2) I'm quick with the controls.

      3) As a non-programmer, I can quickly get my point across when sharing the idea with programmers.

      What Balsamiq doesn't do well (or at least, I haven't spent the time to learn):

      4) High fidelity mockups

      5) Interactive demos

      6) Responsive design changes

      For my curiosity, what programs do you use to create website/app mockups? What do you like most about those programs?

    • For many years I’ve used Balsamiq Mockups for wireframing and quick ideas. Since the introduction of Sketch App I’ve completely seitched all of my wireframing and high fidelity design to it.

      The recent release added basic animations and prototyping. It may be an overkill for what you need now, but if you are looking for something better that you can grow into, Sketch is your best bet.

    • I agree with @Vilen about Sketch. Although I actually quite like Balsamiq as well, for what it is. It’s great for quick, down and dirty prototypes.

      But if you can learn your way around Sketch (not too hard compared to other programs), you can accomplish all that AND get high fidelity with your concepts.

      Havent really dug into the prototyping yet in Sketch.

    • I'd also check out Adobe XD. Pricing for the single app is the same. I too am a big proponent of Sketch. I've been using it for 4 years now.