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    • Checking Pinterest for the latest DIY ideas, we found skeletons! They're poseable so the possibilities are endless. We have two adults and a dog arriving next week. How do you think we should dress them up?

      Here's an idea we thought was hilarious. There are more like this on Pinterest.

    • Heh. We just got a dog skeleton to go with a couple of dog walkers. The thing is our neighborhood is full of dog walkers passing our house every few minutes. So we got a couple full-sized skeletons to dress up as our neighbors with a leash on this little beagle.

      They left his ears, eyes, nose and jowls so he still looks like a dog.

    • My neighbor mounted bike rollers on his roof, an old steel road bike on top, with a skeleton riding it, strapped into the pedals. A motor turned the rollers, and born was one of the best Halloween decorations of all time.