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    • So I wonder if someone is following categories topics, that a conversation already includes, if it is worth to also "Follow" the conversation (assuming topics won't change or disappear over time). Or would the updates be the same either way?

    • I thought that notification of new comments, to the specific posts I’ve chosen to follow, would logically show up in the notifications 🔔 at the bottom of my screen. But I can see the value in separating them out to the ⭐️ icon.

      Do you know if the little blue dot 🔵 appears when new comments are made to posts you’re following?

      Hoping so—reminds me of the

      “Click here to receive notification by email when new comments are posted”

      option on Wordpress blogs.

      Truly digging the clean design here. Props to all the devs who put this together!

    • Hey Dracula, the intent of the follow option for conversations is to make them the easiest ones to track. There are two ways this happens:

      1. A list of conversations you follow becomes visible when you tap the star icon, where the conversations float to the top when they get updated. It's true they also appear when you tap your home icon, but there they are mixed in with all conversations within the topics you follow.

      We highlight conversations you follow via the star icon because we think they are the most important to you.

      2. When you tap the bell icon, we provide a list of activities for conversations you follow, including reactions.

      Does this clarify? Let me know if not.

    • Chris, thank you for explaining. So if, say I am following the topic "motorcycles" and there is a new motorcycle related conversation created and tagged accordingly (which am not sure happens manually or will eventually be automagically but that's another topic) will I get any notification, and if so where (home/star/bell) and why there? Then, if I omit or forget to "Follow" the conversation but folks post updates in it, will I still get notifications on each update because I follow the "motorcycles" category? Or do I need to make sure I "Follow" the particular conversation to continue getting updates on it?

    • Currently we don't notify when there is a new conversation in a topic. You can discover new conversations in your feed by tapping the home icon.

      When you do that, you'll see a pull-down menu which lets you order your feed by Interesting (an algorithm which weights such things as age, number of posts and reactions), Active (a new posts moves the conversation to the top), and New (when the first post was made).

      If you order your feed by new, then all conversations get pushed down as they age. Following becomes very useful in that case because if it's a conversation that extends over days, weeks, or months, you can find updates to it quickly by tapping on the star — without the scrolling you'd have to do if it was an old conversation and your home feed was sorted by new.

      That is mostly true as well if you have your home feed sorted by Interesting. The algorithm tends to think old conversations are less interesting even if they had a lot of activity once upon a time.

      The way I tend to use Cake is to set my home feed to new so I see things as soon as they happen. I suspect when we get tons of traffic, I may switch to Interesting. After I check what's new, I tap the star icon to see what's up with what I'm following.

      Again let me know if that's not clear. Great questions, btw.

    • Hi Chris,

      So first (although may appear obvious) for the purpose of this conversation I refer to notifications as the feed of new items that shows up when I login to Cake via a desktop browser and then using one of the three available top choices you mentioned. Not the emails that are sometime sent when a direct reply was posted which are also useful for their intended purpose.

      Currently we don't notify when there is a new conversation in a topic. You can discover new conversations in your feed by tapping the home icon.

      Please elaborate on the above particularly what "we don't notify" means. I have already missed conversations because I do not always check as often the site, but want to know if it's my omission to do something, or just the nature of how things will be when site will become extremely busy.

      I thought the "Topics" are there for us to help stay in the loop (which to my mind would be via the updates feed).. but maybe am wrong.

      Thank you

    • Oh, I'm glad you clarified. I had in my head a very literal translation of the word notification. To me it meant sending an email or listing activities when you tap the bell icon.

      When you tap the home icon, there are three feeds you can quickly jump between: For You, Featured, and All. For You lists all conversations in topics you follow. Featured and All are global, meaning conversations on any topic. The difference is Featured means someone at Cake made an editorial judgement to feature them, whereas All is every conversation on Cake. Featured is the default feed on our home page.

      Clear as mud?

    • 2. When you tap the bell icon, we provide a list of activities for conversations you follow, including reactions.

      Someone pointed out this is inaccurate. When you follow a conversation started by someone else, your activity feed will only contain activities for new posts in that conversation. The activity feed only shows reactions to your own posts.


    • I think the most unclear thing to me right now is how do "Topics" play into notification and/or stream with user's updates if we will call it such. If they do not matter, then I wonder why should I "Follow" topics. If they do, how do notifications based solely on "Topics" being "Followed" actually work. Sorry for being so thick, and there is no rush to answer me!

    • Let me see if I can clarify. I think part of the confusion here is around the meaning of the different words we're using to talk about things.

      A notification is when Cake reaches out to let you know that something might need your attention. Right now the only notifications Cake sends are email notifications, which we send (if you have them enabled) when someone mentions you in a post, when someone replies to your post, when someone posts in a conversation you started, or when someone posts in a panel conversation you're a member of. Once we release the iOS app, Cake will also send push notifications for these things.

      The activity feed is what you see when you click the bell icon in the Cake toolbar. It's a list of actions other users have taken, such as reacting to one of your posts or posting in a conversation you're following, that you might find relevant. Notifications and the activity feed are closely related in that things that result in notification emails also typically result in an activity appearing in your activity feed. This way, even if you've turned notifications off, you can still check your activity feed to see what's happened recently.

      Finally, there are conversation feeds like "For You", "Featured", and "All". These are lists of conversations.

      When you follow a topic, that causes conversations in that topic to appear in your "For You" feed. Currently this is the only thing following a topic does. You won't actually be notified about new convos in topics you follow, because that could become very noisy if you follow a lot of popular topics.

      You can also follow individual conversations. This will cause the conversation to appear in your "For You" feed and your "Followed Conversations" feed (the star button in the toolbar). It will also cause an activity to appear in your activity feed whenever there's a new post in that conversation.

      Hope this helps clarify things!

    • What other websites? 🤔

      Facebook and Twitter, for example, have activity feeds represented by bell icons, and their activity feeds work the same way Cake's does: they show all activities, even if they didn't have corresponding notifications.

      They key difference between what you see in an activity feed on most sites and what you actually get notified about is that turning off a notification typically doesn't prevent that action from appearing in your activity feed (it just prevents you from getting an email or push notification about it). And often activity feeds even show you certain types of actions that you couldn't even receive notifications for if you wanted to.

      For example, I can tell Facebook not to notify me when someone comments on one of my posts. So if someone comments, my phone won't buzz. But if I go to Facebook and look at my activity feed, I'll still see an activity there showing me that someone commented. Cake works the same way.

    • Twitter's bell icon is literally next to a tab labeled notifications.

      G+ had the notifications drop under a bell icon.

      YouTube offers you notifications by clicking the bell icon. And they drop in a bell icon on the website.

    • Sounds like we're going to have to agree to disagree on terminology, but those are all what Cake would refer to as activity feeds, even if Twitter, G+, etc. call them something else. 🤷‍♂️

      Twitter may call their activity feed a notifications feed, but it's not a feed of notifications. You may not have actually received an active notification for all the things you see in that feed. I can't control their naming decisions, but I can control Cake's. 😄

    • I think Youtube uses the bell for notifications. Subscribing to a channel is not enough to be notified when there is new content. You must also click on the Bell icon. I'm apparently part of the minority that like it that way. I usually don't want to be notified. I'll get around to checking for new content (twitter, youtube, email, text messages, whatever) when I feel like. It's my war against the machine. It's not going to tell me what to do :-)

    • I think it will be even more interesting when an app is built. Because to my mind the meaning of "notification" makes more sense for mobile device users (which I am not). Activity feed is what I prefer to use.