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    • Alex

      I'm looking to expand my photography gear and wondering what are some brands you trust that are cheaper then the name brands?
      I'm a Nikon user and was previously spoiled with having access to a lot of great Sigma equipment. Now that I'm on my own, I need more variety at a cheaper cost. I have been looking into 16mm-80mm, 24mm-70mm and 70mm-200mm range for lenses. Anything that may fall in between there could work, but I'm not sure what brands to trust. I'd love to hear your opinion or preference :D

    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      Somewhere along the line, Sigma shook off its long history of being cheap in all respects, to making astonishingly good lenses that were still pretty affordable. Here's an interesting write-up about them from B&H. Oh man, that 50-100mm. Damn...

      Tokina has a great 24-70 for Nikon.

    • Keenan
      Keenan Wells

      I don't know enough about lenses (or my own camera!) to know if this falls within your specifications, but I love my Fuji X-100T. Small, compact, under $1000. Takes pretty decent shots 😉 👇

    • Keenan
      Keenan Wells

      So it's a 23mm lens, fixed, f/2

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