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    • We'll be retired in about 8 years, but young enough to have a lot of adventures left. We've looked at every type of Class B/B+ and C option that's available and have concluded that most RVs are constructed like shit, they depreciate fast and won't last. So despite the fact that they're really smaller than I would like, we're looking at the Dodge Promaster 3500 extended, and Ford Transit cargo vans. We're not considering a Sprinter due to purchase and maintenance costs. Also, we want a queen bed that fits sideways in the back, and the Promaster and Transit vans are boxier and easier to build out than the Sprinter. We've got a general idea of floor plan and are going to do the work ourselves. It gets us what we want, we can do a quality build over a period of time and end up with (hopefully) a superior product. We're planning to buy new for the warranty. We also considered the Nissan NV, but the gas mileage is just too poor.

      Would we want to full-time in it? Probably not. The idea is to travel a good 6-9 months out of the year and be home-based at our place in Colorado. We have a lot of places to see and things to do. Our one concern is that both the Promaster and the Transit are six cylinder motors. Will that be sufficient to tow a cargo trailer filled with two motorcycles, kayaks and SUPs? Not sure. We have many test drives in our future.

    • over the years I've met a bunch of 'vanlifers' and there is a similar theme to there answers -

      "no shower, no toilet - if I add those then space is dramtically reduced or I need more power."

      Shipping is another issue, yes its all well and good driving round the States and Canada or Europe, but if you want to get further afield, say South America or Asia getting your rig there is exhorbident, for one simple reason. Rigs that are over 9'6" tall so won't fit in a container and have to go either deck cargo (brave the elements) or a Ro/Ro and you better have a fat wallet.

      As others have said expect between $50-100k but still pay for parking, places to stay, hook ups etc. and get stopped going to certain places for height/ width/ weight restrictions

      For $7000 we have two motorcycles, travel the world, put them in hotel lobbies in South America for security (right now) when needed and pay minimal amounts for shipping from continent to continent

      So yes I see vanlife as a viable option if you want to see a select part a continent, but the whole world not so much, and I had to laugh at vegasphotog comment and agree glamping/ RV sites are a total yawnfest

      ...and what about resale vaues when you want out???