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    • I perhaps I missed when this new feature was added, is this the first step in the view author only for a conversation?

      I can see where having just the direct replies can be useful but does this include replying to someone who replied to the author?

      A mouse over or a "?" might be helpful in rolling out new features so people can absorb the functionality as intended.

      The conversation viewing options are almost as critical as the searching options and filtering in my opinion only of course.

    • This is actually a pretty old feature that's existed for a while. 🙂

      It used to be the place we'd take you when you opened a link to a specific post, but only being able to see a single thread was confusing people, so we changed it so that post links now take you to the post in the context of the full conversation. When we made that change, we added the old thread-only view to the post menu as an additional option called "View Thread".

      We do still have plans for additional conversation view and filtering options, but right now our focus is on more immediate needs like finishing the iOS app, improving our transparency and communication around moderation actions, and improving the user experience for topics and discovery.