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    • What's your relationship with motivation?

      Super motivated in the summer, usually get up to 4 to 6 miles a day of hiking by mid-July. But winter does a number on me, and it takes regular reminders to get in some exercise—instead of camping out on the couch. I’m planning to do some serious hiking in Colorado this summer, however, so I’m trying to leverage that goal to stay motivated and hit the local hiking trails on the weekends in December and January.

    • Oooh I'll have to check that book out! This topic reminded me of something I've been chewing on for the last few weeks:

      "The dictionary defines grit as ‘courage and resolve; strength of character.’ The ancients called it virtue: the strength and will to do the right thing, regardless of how we feel.  Our feelings will follow. To let them lead is folly."*

      I think people who are unmotivated are letting their feelings lead. We're all subject to inertia and it takes some effort to get moving. We won't "feel like it" until we're already on the move and the rewards start kicking in (beautiful vistas, endorphins, stronger muscles, etc.)

      There are definitely things I'm not motivated to do, but I think that's one of the challenges of life: Figuring out what we really want out of life.

      If I want a strong, healthy body, I need to start sweating. But I'm pretty unmotivated to clean my shower at the moment because it's not *that* dirty and I'd rather be playing games with my kids. I actually don't want an immaculate house because that means I spent more time cleaning it... and it would also mean I had fewer kids. ;)

      *From this blog post:

    • That's so spot on with feelings leading! I just finished watching this, and it's sort of what dr Dispenza talks about, only he goes into detail about neurons, chemicals, and epigenetics: