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    • I don’t know whether to roll my eyes 👀 or cry considering the obesity epidemic that’s killing and destroying the lives of so many, but the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) felt the need to provide consumers with the nutrition information if they decided to eat that Family-sized package of frozen corn dogs.

      "We know that Americans are eating differently, and the amount of calories and nutrients on the label is required to reflect what people actually eat and drink," Claudine Kavanaugh, director of nutrition and food labeling in the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, said in a statement.

    • I have always found the calorie / kilocalorie definitions to be confusing. Apparently, its all about whether or not you capitalise the "C" in calorie. From

      "Scientifically, 1 kilocalorie (1000 calories or 1 kcal) means the energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1kg of water by 1°C.

      Calories are units of energy so small that a tiny cookie can provide thousands of them. To ease calculations, energy is expressed in 1000-calorie units known as kilocalories. That is, 1 Calorie is equivalent to 1 kilocalorie; the capital C in Calories denotes kcal on food labels, calories and kilocalories are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. In other words, it is just as normal and acceptable for people to use the small “c” instead of big “C” and say “1 gram of fat gives us 9 calories” in the nutrition world as “1 gram of fat gives us 9 kilocalories or 9000 calories” in the physical science world".

      Still leaves room for the average guy to get confused....

    • I like that they show the whole package because food companies play games with serving size and it’s just more math to do. Most of us eat the whole package.

      I also like how they break out added sugar.

      What I don’t like is not showing calorie breakdown anymore. The caloric density of fat is really high..,

    • This is definitely a #TIL share. I would never have noticed the use of big “C” versus little “c” in my readings. Thank you.

      ✔️ Learned something new today