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    • The cherry-picking season is in full force now between the end of May and the first few weeks in June. Since cherry-picking is at a farm's orchards, it is considered as an "essential business" and is fully open for business. There are a few measures in places, such as wearing face masks and social distancing, but the rest is standard.

      Here in San Francisco Bay Area in California, one of the top spots for cherry-picking is in Brentwood. It is about a 1-hour drive without traffic from San Jose or San Francisco. If you are planning on going later in June, cherry-picking at Gilroy, California, is another option.

    • We chose Nunn Better Farms in Brentwood to pick cherries. Although we drove past many other cherry orchards that were open in Brentwood, we stuck to the plan and arrived at Nunn Better Farms early in the morning.

      They recommend coming before 11 am or right when they open at 9 am on weekdays, or 7 am on weekends to beat the crowds. We arrived around 9:30 am, and a big parking lot was about a quarter full.

    • Finding the ripest cherry trees was like a treasure hunt and lots of fun. Most trees had plenty of cherries, but not all were ready to be picked.

    • We wore masks whenever other people were picking cherries nearby but took them off when we were alone.

    • The first plastic bag filled up quickly. But we brought a bucket with us from home to pick for three families.

    • Oh, that looks wonderful! While I don't have cherries to pick near me I have started seeing them in the grocery stores.

    • Wonderful photos as always. I think we’re a few weeks behind you on in season cherries 🍒, so this was some pleasant eye candy to look at until then.