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    • I buy many of my electronics from Amazon...but, I also will be more technical parts and goodies from the local Fry's. I rarely go to Best Buy anymore because it seems their business model has mostly, but not 100% been converted to showroom space for Apple, IBM and Microsoft.

      This morning I was cranking out the code and overspilled my coffee and killed my Logitech keyboard. Ugh. No biggs. I grab a wired keyboard from the closet and finish up my work. I had planned just to drive over to Fry's and pickup a new one. Mind you, getting to Vegas Fry's is a little bit of an effort since it is just off Las Vegas Blvd, but, I had hoped worth it.

      I pull into the parking lot and it was a ghost town for 12:30pm. Hmmmmmm....then, I walked the 23 miles to the back of the store where the keyboards would be located and it was painfully obvious that there is little to no inventory. Hmmmmm again...

      There only two salespeople back by the computers and for good reason: there were ZERO computers on the shelves. I asked a young guy and very professionally he apologized and said he did not know why.

      So, I got home and dug around...

      Fry's had a pretty robust online portal albeit maybe early 2000's style. Despite the ambiguous analysis, I think another big store is about ready to be dust. RIP Fry's!

    • They’ve been landmarks here in Silicon Valley for decades and used to be packed. You had to stand in a long line to wait for an available register. Last week I was in a nearly empty one buying an emergency drone, and there was one clerk and no lines. They have 34 locations and just announced the Palo Alto Store would close in January.

      Today I was in an Apple store in Palo Alto and it was buzzing. I thought of the irony: when virtually no one thought Steve Jobs should open stores they said it would piss off retailers like Fry’s.

      The Fry brothers have always had shady business practices so some people are happy to see them go.

    • The Fry brothers have always had shady business practices so some people are happy to see them go.

      Yea, there was always a very strange almost seem like all the employees had to attend some cult-like church...and, achieve that zombie look.

      And, then there was this...

    • John Fry was a math major and in a book group wth a guy I knew. According to my friend, John said he has several investment priorities to choose from and he chose selection. In order to invest that much in selection, he had to save on customer service. He saw it as zero sum math.

      According to ex-service reps, they had an internal policy called double H on returns: hoops and hurtles (speaking of what they put the customer through).

      Also, they were famous for stiffing vendors.

    • I gave up on Fry's the day I signed up for Prime in 2010. The Fry's inventory used to be amazing, but they were nothing but trouble. They lost my business with their hassle returns and "fake" mail-in rebates. Fry's failed to get with the times and offer a level of customer services that Amazon customers are accustomed to. And yes, Amazon is killing them, but I feel like they had the potential to thrive like BHPhoto.

    • I, too, used to be Fry's customer back in the 2010s. It was THE place for getting a sweet gaming rig up and going. I shopped online at sites like Newegg, but there was something about walking into a store, seeing the thing, and getting it there and then. So Fry's scratched that itch for me.

      Fry's also used to have decent customer service, but over the last few years, I barely stepped into their stores. When I did, it had a strange vibe with shelves missing inventory and staff running aloof. I would occasionally stop by a few times a year, but every time I would walk out empty-handed and wondering why I bothered.

      Even though Fry's has matching pricing for online retailers like Amazon, they still make you feel guilty when you ask to match it.

      I'm sad to see this iconic chain struggle and possibly shut down, but at the same time, I can point fingers at BestBuy, and their turnaround is nothing but remarkable. I still shop there to this day, even as an Amazon Prime customer.

    • I used to visit that store on a regular basis when I lived in Vegas. A few months back I was in town so I went to get something, it looked like the place had been robbed, almost all the shelves were empty, employees could care less about customers. Sad times.

      Guessing at this point they are wishing they didn't sell the food chain arm of the company...but then could Amazon and Whole Foods take them down as well?

    • Just came back from another niche retailer that seems to be surviving and thriving. Harbor Freight. Since I am not a day-to-day tools kinda a guy, I rarely visit....but, they have some very cool niche stuff. Need that battery tender for your moto, jetski or snowmachine? Harbor Freight.

      I was actually buying said tender last week and saw they have these 5-drawer tool chests on sale for $189 by US General this weekend for a parking lot sale. They got this type of stuff figured out pretty good. I would probably only receive a C+ for my assembly skills, but I have gone way too long without my tools being organized.

      In Alaska, I bought one of those tall stainless chests and man...whether wrenching on the two wheels or snowmachine, it really was a joy to find the actual tool I was looking for. AND, separated by metric or standard tools.

      And, for me RED is too boring of a color for my tool box. LOL

    • We have two Frys in the greater Phoenix area and I have noticed a major dropoff in traffic over the years. You are spot on about the staff. They just look like they are miseable to be there. Always amazed when I visit they are still in business.