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    • Are you a writer that uses photographs, for characters, locations, or ambience?

      Are you a Mac user?

      Would you like to use audio files while writing for ambience?

      There are a number of audio files built into the Mac operating system that can be used for ambience setting if that will help you in your writing.

      For walking down a city street, there is an audio file called Concrete Jungle
      For driving through a city, there is Traffic
      For a backyard party with both Adults and children, there is swimming
      For a business convention or a crowded airport, there is Lobby Conversation
      For riding as a passenger in an airplane, there is Airplane cabin.

      To access these and many other audio files, in the finder, choose the GO menu and the next to the last option should read Go to folder...

      After selecting that, paste this into the box that pops up on your screen
      /Applications/ Sound Effects

      The audio files are inside several folders. I recommend avoiding most of the files that are less than 2mb in size as they are mostly too short to provide much ambience.

    • I have a silly tradition that I made up to get into the writing mood. A few months back in Colombia, I had a very important book deadline and I knew I just had to sit down and do it but just kept procrastinating instead.

      So I went into a local store and bought an oversized T-Shirt with some random print on it and declared it my Getting Things Done Shirt. I told myself that whenever I had this particular shirt on, I'd sit down and write.

      And that's exactly what I did. My magical T-shirt made me concentrate and write :D

      Again it's a silly idea but it worked (still works, actually) for me.

    • I can use pictures (not just photos, but also paintings or collage),
      music (certain music reminds me the mood I associate with the location
      and atmosphere I want to convey), food (I collect cookbooks or just oral
      told cooking recipes in my trips), and most of times, some object that
      gives me a special texture (like stones, feathers, a piece of cloth, a
      small glass souvenir…) that helps me remind a feeling or sensation of