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    • I really connect with the story of Jason Reynolds who said he just couldn't identify with books like Moby Dick or by Shakespeare, so he didn't read. My mom held me out of elementary school for a few years and I read all about Will Bill Hickok and Daniel Boone, but once I was back in school I just couldn't get into Shakespeare and the classics. I thought I didn't like reading after all.

      The Washington Post just did quite a story on Jason, who says the key is to write books about what kids experience in everyday life.

      Anyone else have trouble getting into books as a kid?

    • I've never been much of a reader, even as a kid, so I can identity with that for sure! I was always drawing and making things instead, and even to this day rarely do I ever sit down to read a book. But it could also be that I'm just impatient 🤣

      I've never heard of this guy, looking forward to reading that article!

    • I was the same way. I was always playing videogames, working on art projects, drawing or some other thing. I have always found it really difficult to sit down and just read.

      I do like the material though, audiobooks have been a huge boon for me. I can ride my bike, or perform some other mindless activity like feeding a baby and still read awesome books, which feels like making time out of nothing!

    • This was exactly my experience with the piano as a kid. I took lessons every week and hated it because the music didnt connect with me.

      Towards the end of high school I sat down at the piano one day for no reason and decided to try and learn an Elton John song. Never stopped playing after that moment. The guitar soon followed.

    • I'd never heard of the book but I like that it's exposing people to the idea that school can sometimes be a hindrance to learning when the curriculum is too strict in what it covers. There should be some basics that everyone has to learn but it also needs to allow children or students to follow some of their interests if we want them to develop into life long learners.