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    • Novak Djokovic has been disqualified from the US Open for accidentally striking a lines judge with a ball in frustration. He was down 5-6 in his 4th round match against Pablo Carreño Busta. Absolutely wild. I understand the rules are the rules, but it still sucks to see Novak go out like this. Especially since it was nothing malicious. 

    • Federer and Nadal didn't compete, so we're gonna have a first time grand slam champion. Djokovic is missing out on a golden opportunity here to close the gap between him and those guys in terms of most grand slam titles ever.

    • One other related question: Should line judges wear shoulder pads and some form of protective gear? Not just for cases where a player gets angry, but also for cases like serves and just routine play. It can be dangerous to be a line judge.

    • Players at that level are fully aware of exactly, where the line judges are.

      If you want to hit a ball in frustration at this year's US Open, the stands are empty hit it there.

      Sorry no sympathy from me, the rules about on-court behaviour are very clear.

    • The umpire doesn't really have any choice but to follow the laws of the game, so there isn't a lot of room for debate about whether the game should have continued or Djokovic had to default.

      It's a stupid way to go out of a tournament though, and he should know better.

      Having just watched this video a couple of times, it seems really odd to me. If I was going to hit a ball out of frustration I think I'd be likely to really smash it somewhere but it doesn't look like he does, it doesn't look like he hits it hard at all, it doesn't look like it hits the line judge hard, nobody comes running, but she just sort of crumples in slow motion.

    • Well, then I guess the only debate is whether or not he hit the ball out of frustration. That's why he was defaulted. Had he hit it back in an attempt to give them the ball and it accidentally hit the line judge, it wouldn't have been a default. But because he hit the ball out of frustration and it hit the line judge, he was defaulted. No wiggle room for debate. My belief is he did hit it out of frustration, but yes, it isn't 100% clear. That's what Brad Gilbert was getting at. He believes instant replay would have helped and I think he's right.