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    • My sister nagged me to see this movie as soon as possible -- I ended up going BY MYSELF! -- and yet she is not off work yet to discuss it with me at length.

      So, please, discuss it with me! The big:
      A. I think they're going to time-turn away that ending by stealing back the Time Stone, as telegraphed by the way Thanos used it to get Vision's stone. Of course, I was hoping for time-turning from about minute two, because I am NOT okay with all the people we love from Thor: Ragnarok -- with Asgard Which Is A People -- being fridged offscreen before the next movie even revs up. I didn't like it in Alien 3, I don't like it here! The other option is of course that Thanos banished those people to other dimensions and they'll need to be, cough, reassembled...but while that seems like a very comics crossover* thing to do, it would be another layer of logistical challenge on top of the amazing hundred-heroes feat this movie had to pull off. Time-turning is simpler. Also, Thanos isn't that imaginative or humane.

      The medium:
      and for the same scene:
      c. the Poe Dameron Prize for passionately fubaring everything goes to Peter Quill!

      The small:
      d. I can accept that Thor can hold that thing open, but why were there HANDLES FOR THIS PURPOSE in the HOLE OF CERTAIN DEATH? It's horrible interface design, and obviously the Nibelungen weren't expecting a god to come along and want to do that!
      e. The schwarma, with cars crashing for want of a driver and all, really reminded me of the Leftovers! I guess that's what happens when Carrie Coon is involved, even via motion-cap and voiceover, in your movie? :) (The Leftovers, an excellent show she starred in, is about an apparently random 2% of Earth's population simultaneously disappearing. That's not a spoiler, that happened years before the show starts.)

      And the glorious:
      f. ANGEL-PIRATE. Not to mention the fact that Rocket never corrected him about the rabbit thing. I mean, Thor is depending on you, are you really going to tell him he has your name wrong? All of the stuff with the Guardians and Thor together was just splendid.
      g. That Alan Silvestri score!

      Nerdy threadpicking aside, I really enjoyed the movie. It made me laugh and make glee faces OFTEN, and it actually had some heart and emotion, which is hard to do, even with characters we're already invested in, under these circumstances. That many characters in that many subplots, and I actually cared? I cared about a MEGALOMANIACAL SPACE-BRICK villain? I used to *read* comics and I can scarcely keep all those guys straight.

      And it is incredibly bold to end a movie of this budget and studio importance on a COLOSSAL DOWNER.

      *I was mostly a DC reader, pre-New 52, but I have spotty knowledge of other stuff, and a lot of 70's-80's X-Men continuity. So I'm not familiar with how Thanos stuff played out in the books. :)

    • I saw this on Friday and thought it was great. I was initially worried that they would have trouble dealing with too many characters in the movie. Civil War suffered for it, they tried to focus on too many individual storylines and also include too many characters. Infinity War did a really good job of not focusing too hard on any one individual other than Thanos, and just focusing on a few main story threads. It worked really well.

      The movie ending on a downer was a really cool thing. It really makes this movie stand out, like The Empire Strikes Back. I was trying to remember the last time I had seen a movie that ended on a cliffhanger, and I honestly can't remember. Other than maybe Lord of The Rings, where we already know what is going to happen. I think that them not trying to wrap up the story in one movie was really helpful to the pacing and the number of the characters in the movie.

      I'm pretty sure everyone is dead. And yea I think they will go back in time.

      A really important loose end:

      Dr. Strange made it very clear that he would let Tony Stark die to save the Time Stone. What did he see when he was looking at possible futures that made him change his mind? My thought is that the only one where they won was when he saved Tony. What part does Iron Man have to play that is so important?

      Also, why does Thanos know Tony? There was too much recognition there. Is it just because Stark foiled his plans before, or is there something deeper there?

    • Re: Downers: Yes! It also made me think of Empire! I think there's a natural narrative conservatism right now, for blockbusters: they put SO much money in them and expect SO much back. That is, I assume, how we get four movies a year where the villain gets captured on purpose and there's an All Is Lost moment: it works, and they want a stable rate of return, not a good story. But this was them trying to write a good story, and not restricting the storytelling toolbox too much.

      Re: Dr. Strange: That's an excellent point. I've been thinking about it in terms of 'Strange discovered Thanos has to get the Time Stone in order to open up possibilities X, Y and Z' -- literal fourth-dimensional chess -- but you may have a point that it was Tony specifically he saw was important somehow. I had been rolling my eyes over that Strange line about not prioritizing Tony or Peter above the Stone, because when delivered it gave me a "yay, not every reasonable person agrees on the answer to the thorny ethical problems!" which the action undercut. But I like your interpretation, that he saw something that changed his mind, much better!

      Also Re: Strange: Someone on Twitter told me that in the Dr. Strange movie, The Ancient One couldn't see past her death using the Time Stone, and said that must mean Strange has surpassed his own mentor's abilities with it. I admit I wasn't the most attentive audience in the world for Dr. Strange -- though I've liked him as a supporting character in this and Ragnarok! -- so I don't recall that. I wonder if that's a tiny slip/retcon, or if it means anything? I can't imagine Dr. Strange would be small-minded enough to consider every timeline where he died an auto-fail ;)

      Re: I KNOW YOU STARK: Ooh, yeah, I haven't thought too hard about that! When it happened, I thought perhaps it had to do with Stark's brief near-death experience penetrating that Other Space in Avengers, but I can't actually work out how or justify that. One thing that is interesting is how exponentially Stark's abilities and gear level up, from film to film. (Ryan and I rewatched Iron Man 1, 2, and Avengers 1 this week.) It's possible that that kind of intelligence -- the kind of intelligence that is itself a superpower in the Marvel universe -- gets you on some sort of cosmic watchlist? That tickles my brain but I can't remember anything germane.

      Re: Deadpool v. Thanos: I have never read any Deadpool and that sounds so delightful. Watching Infinity War, there was a moment when Thanos turned something into winged creatures or something, and I had a thought along the lines of 'that's the first REALLY COOL thing you've done with your phenomenal cosmic powers! You're so unimaginative!' Compared to the ingenuity of, say, a Green Lantern or even a reality-messing villain like Proteus in the old comics, he really is a blunt instrument. He only knows one tune, and it's Death.

    • Oh man I forgot about the not seeing past your own death with the Time Stone. I think him surpassing his mentor's powers is a fair explanation. Though maybe you can see past your death if you are eventually going to reverse time and be alive again? :)

      I wasn't too bothered by Thanos not being super creative with his powers. I think any of those powers could do super rediculous things on their own, but he only had one gem at the start of the movie, and had maybe a day (the span of the movie) to figure out how to use all of them.

      I did think guns shooting bubbles was pretty funny, especially in a really tense scene.

    • Oh, it didn't bother me that Thanos wasn't creative: it just seemed very character-appropriate to me that he wasn't! He isn't very playful, or creative. His problem-solving is pretty limited, too! So the fact that he is using all this vast, versatile, generative, cosmic power to bludgeon people in the most direct manner seemed entirely fitting.

      I just think that power would be less wasted on someone with a more interesting mind. Like, as you suggest, Wade Wilson ;)

      Okay, so the bubbles were a little playful. But I'm going to give that credit to the Cosmic Marvelverse for being a zany place :D

    • Also, why does Thanos know Tony? There was too much recognition there. Is it just because Stark foiled his plans before, or is there something deeper there?

      We just rewatched Age of Ultron, and I'm going to say the answer's in there somewhere? The big evil blue AI that fights with Jarvis and becomes Ultron is the 'Scepter's' brain. I don't think that's synonymous with the Mind Stone. Who made the Scepter before Thanos entrusted it to Loki? Did Thanos wrap that layer of ick around the Stone?

      If so, that makes a credible link, a credible way for Thanos to have learned a WHOLE lot about Tony in the process of Sceptre-AI becoming Ultron. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • NEW THEORY: Wanda’s powers came from the Sceptre, hence their kinship with the Mind Stone. Maybe during that process some of her obsessive hatred of Stark over the years got uploaded through the Sceptre to Thanos? Again, it makes sense for the Sceptre to have an ongoing connection to Thanos, since he was handing over the (only, I think?) Stone he then had to a GOD OF MISCHIEF to do some chores for him ;)

    • Hmm thats interesting, I forgot that Wanda's power's were related to the stone in the Movies.

      Here is ANOTHER theory: Thanos somehow planted the idea to create Ultron in Tony Stark's mind, to try and weaken the Avengers before the eventual Infinity War? Maybe this influence is also what made him start being a turd and making the avengers fight amongst themselves in Civil War?

      Tony is known for saving the world, but he has himself caused a lot of harm to the Avengers themselves in the MCU. 🤔