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    • I’ve always been fascinated with how things work, taking apart anything I could get my hands on as a kid. I was very fortunate to have some awesome teachers throughout my education that helped fuel my curiosity. My 7th grade science teacher, Ms. Harris, helped push my curiosity of space and tech by taking time outside of class to help me build and compete with a scale model of the Mars Rover at NASA. Then in college, my Art Professor, Tim Weaver was a constant inspiration and provided never ending encouragement to continue to push the bounds of my imagination, learning new things and to continue building no matter the obstacle. There were several other teachers along the way… shout out to Mr. Watson my high school Design teacher who constantly pushed me to ask questions and my grad school professor Dr. Alex Wilkie for encouraging me to never stop ideating and to always keep the end user in mind. 

    • Our software fits right between idea and final design. We built Patchr so that anyone with an idea can simply log in to our website, design their PCB how they envisioned it in their head and within a couple days receive a finished PCB at their door. We are really trying to bring PCB design and manufacturing software into the consumers need for on-demand software, manufacturing and shipping. The goal is to give users everything they need to build exactly what they’ve imagined, putting as much power, automation and resources in front of the user and give them the best possible user experience, all from the web or their mobile device.

      As for websites or forums, Hackaday is a great blog option, is a great place to share projects and learn how to build projects and both Adafruit and Sparkfun have phenomenal education resources to help you learn more and more about building electronic hardware. 

    • How can we best stay up to date with you? (NOTE: we are leaving the panel open for questions which Eric is happy to come back and answer as his schedule permits)!