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    • This thing bloomed for the first time this week. This is my feeble attempt are a focus merge of 13 RAW pics using Affinity Photo's focus merge function.

      Panasonic GX8
      Olymupus 60mm f2.8

    • opening the image in a new tab gets you the bigger image, looks really good! Have not tried that function yet. hmmm. I tend to get lost in the blur, but this has a great mix.

    • Wait, WHAT?! Ace, that looks surreal and gorgeous. Okay, I'm gonna try focus stacking a bird of paradise flower we have in our front yard tonight. Andy tells me my Nikon does auto focus stacking somehow.

      Here's the lame iPhone portrait-mode shot I just took of the subject. We'll see how the focus-stacked version compares tonight.

    • Huh. The weather got cloudy but I went into the front yard and took a photo of this rose at f/16. I didn't do any adjustments.

    • Then I set my camera to auto acquire images in focus stack mode and shot 9 frames at f/4. I used Photoshop to then to take those 9 frames and blend them together to one focus-stacked image. I have never done this before.

      The big difference seems to be the background is more out of focus with the focus-stacked image. It's a little darker, but that's just my manual exposure setting not being quite the same.

      What do you think?

    • Then I did another experiment. I shot these flowers at f/16. They're spaced much deeper so not possible to get them all in focus without focus stacking.

    • Then I let the camera do it's thing for 10 frames and combined them, also at f/16. I didn't think this would work because the wind was blowing them back and forth.

      Which shot do you prefer?

    • Nice. I'm with Ian about the bokeh. In pics shot at f16, the background is a bit distracting. The subject detail on the stacked photos are as good as the f16 shots without the background. In Affinity Photo you can take the stack and select a preferred frame to be the primary source for a section of the final image. I'm thinking PS or LR does the same thing. If you have a final image that has too much detail, you can paint the area with the selected out-of-focus frame. Works great.

      BUT, those were done in camera. I really like that.

    • Hahaha, okay, fair enough. 😁Boarding a plane to NY, surely I'll be able to find something there to focus stack manually.